Contributor Guidelines

Are you so positively smitten that it’s not enough to just follow along with us — you want to write your own Positively Smitten stories too? We would love to hear from you! Here we’ve answered some questions we think you might have about being a contributor. Stuck on what to write about? Click here for a few suggestions.

We recommend all contributors read the following guidelines thoroughly. Each submission is an implicit agreement that you have read, and agree to, the following (don’t worry, it’s nothing scary).

Q: I’ve been through everything below, and I just want the pertinent links. Can you help?

A: Sure! If you are a new contributor, though, we strongly recommend you read the rest of the guidelines below.

Q: I have something I’d like to write, what do I do?

A: Send us a pitch! Previously, we had all contributors fill out a pitch form, with category, tentative date, etc. — this is no longer required. A short, 1-3 sentence description is more than enough. Just email us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

To see the types of articles we are looking for in each category, please click here. We are also always open to innovative ideas as well, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Q: How long should each article be?

A: We ask that all pieces try to stay within 500-700 words. There are always exceptions to the rule, however, and if you feel you’ll need more than that, please ask. We’ll most likely say yes or divide the piece into several parts – two 500-word articles, for example, Part I and Part II. Less is fine as well, particularly when it comes to vlogs! Trust us, shorter is better. There’s a lot to be smitten about, so we need to share the wealth!

Q: Where do I send my submissions to?

A: All submissions should be sent to

Q: Is there anything I can’t write about or that you won’t publish?

A: While we completely support your freedom of speech, we do have a few expectations.

When it comes to personal experiences, we totally understand that none of us are perfect, and half the fun of sharing about it is through self deprecating humor. But Positively Smitten would rather lift you up than watch you put yourself down. Be cautious of this fine line.

Likewise, there are different types of people out there, and you may be tempted to analyze Taylor Swift. Try not to write about her unless it’s relevant to you and/or a deeper examination of how society views her, etc. (For example, discussing who Taylor Swift is dating isn’t our cup of tea, but examining how the media portrays her love life is.)

Lastly, we will not accept articles that previously have been published in other magazines, newspapers, etc., for profit. However, we will repost blog entries from a personal blog or elsewhere, and will even link back to the original post.

Q: Will I be paid for my submissions?

A: We wish we could pay you, but we aren’t able to at this point. Even we’re just doing this for fun! Someday we hope to pay ourselves and our contributors! In the meantime, plan to write for us because you want to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with a community of others like you.

Q: Can I submit a photo with my post?

A: Yes! Nobody only likes to see words on the page. People like color and jazz. If you are able to send us a photo — the larger and higher quality, the better — with your submission, please do. We’ll determine if it’s the right photo to go with your piece.

If you don’t have a photo, don’t sweat. We can pair your post with a pic.

Q: Will you please make sure I spelled my words correctly?

A: Yes, we’re trained editors and that’s what we do. In fact, we reserve the right to edit your submissions for grammar and content. Please don’t be alarmed by this. We don’t intend to change your opinion, twist your words or manipulate your thoughts in any way, but we do need to make sure your post fits in with Positively Smitten’s mission.


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