What is Positively Smitten?

pos·i·tive·ly: (adverb) in a positive way, in particular; in a constructive or affirmative way.

smit·ten: 1. (verb) strike; defeat or conquer. 2. (adjective) infatuated; affected.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to be every young woman’s biggest supporter by celebrating every win, learning from every mistake, embracing every flaw, and working toward feeling positively smitten about our lives and selves.

About Us

Positively Smitten was an active online magazine from March 2013 through May 2015. What you see now are its archives.

Founded in March 2013 by Crystal Maldonado and Stephanie (Wilcox) Monette, Positively Smitten was born from the idea that there aren’t enough magazines out there for the average young woman. We’re not here to sell you something, or to tell you that you’re not good enough, or give you a list of 500 ways to impress a guy. We don’t want to say your hair color is all wrong, or your shoes are stupid, or you need to drop a few pounds.

We just want to sit here with you and talk – about our day, our struggles, lessons we’ve learned, things we like. We’re the friend that meets you for lunch and listens intently but sometimes overshares. We’re the annoyingly positive friends who say, “Do what you want, girl!” and support you through that phase where all you wore was overalls. We’re just as smart, funny, and witty as we are nerdy, goofy, and silly.

We’re flawed, and we’re sometimes mean and ugly and critical and judgmental and cold and sad and bitter and jealous and passive aggressive. And sometimes we’re inventive and creative and beautiful and ambitious and clever and innovative and cheerful and kind. Like each of us, Positively Smitten is a work in progress, but it’s raw and it’s real and it’s us.

Be sure to check out our very first interview, in parts one and two, by the wonderful Chioma Ndujiuba, at the Toonari Post!


10 responses to “About

  1. Absolutely LOVE the title. This speaks to me and I imagine so many other strong women out there. Excited to read more!


    • Hi Lou, thank you so much for the mention and nomination! We’re so honored to know the magazine brightens your day. That is our intention with every post. Thanks for reading!


  2. Let’s face it, we need inspiration and something new to read, admire, and share. . . . Go Positively Smitten!
    Did someone ask you to put your phone down? Yes, Mobile Manners, there’s the right time & wrong time to be Mobile . . .please, when your inside use your inside voice, and even when you’re outside. Check the volume control on your mobile or get a better provider if yelling is the only way for the “party your speaking to” can’t hear you. Can you hear me now?


  3. Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and choosing to follow it. Your blog is wonderful and well-done; a must-read for 20-somethings. Keep up the good work you’re doing here. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!


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