Steph’s Smitten Life: Duets, New Beginnings, Tomato Basil Pizza

“Smitten Life” is a monthly series – a photo diary giving you a glimpse of what we’re doing each month to create and live our own smitten lives! We hope you enjoy being inspired by these images as much as we do capturing them. Feel free to share your own smitten life on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

snow scene

We’re officially in the dead of winter, but a picturesque scene like this is anything but dead-looking. Id say it’s promising and optimistic.


However, the winter can be crippling. Winter Storm Juno shut down most of New England in late January (snow day!). While the snow blew outside, I was dreaming of pink sand beaches.

piano duet

The nice thing about the winter months is I usually see my family more often. Gram and I play piano duets any chance we get. Here we are playing “Heart and Soul” during the holidays.

Victorian house

The new year brought new beginnings. My parents purchased a new home — Victorian style like I always dreamed of living in myself one day!

handmade quilts

To mark our exciting life events this year, my mom made me and my sister gorgeous quilts (for the arrival of my sister’s third child and my 2015 wedding)!

My personal favorite new beginning: simply the sun coming up over a new day. It never gets old.

My personal favorite new beginning: the sun coming up over a new day. It never gets old.


Turns out, there’s an equine rescue facility behind my house. After the holidays we walked through the woods to meet the rescues!

clothes drying

I missed my outdoor clothes line so much that I went out and got a cheap clothes drying rack from Walmart. Now I can dry clothes by my woodstove, which is in full gear!


I think there’s nothing in this world like pizza with tomato and basil. Nothing.


Sometimes, you need a refreshing, fun drink to wash a pizza down with. On special occasions I’ll even get a “Blizzard Martini.”


Does taking photos of your engagement ring ever get old? I thought my diamond looked nice in front of my little electric fireplace while I mended a scarf.

crown necklace

Speaking of jewelry, I saw this little crown necklace that I had to have. If you read Crystal’s smitten list that talked about “Business Tiaras” you’ll understand why.


When I have company over, I get so much pleasure out of serving hot coffee in a variety of mugs on a pretty tray.

greeting card

Whenever I see an oyster & pearl, it makes me happy. My parents always told us “The world is your oyster and you are its pearl.” This greeting card reminded me of hearing these encouraging words as a little girl.


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