Crystal’s Smitten List: Hello Gorgeous, Concerned Texts, Wine

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Hello Gorgeous: As much as I love clothes, I’m not innately good at styling my own outfits. For inspiration, I actually like to look at other people’s outfits to see what they’re wearing, which is why I’m now in love with the fashion blog Hello Gorgeous, written by a young woman named Yasi. The outfits on this blog are always beautifully put together, colorful, and perfectly accessorized, and they inspire me to step it up with my own wardrobe!

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2. Concerned Texts: This week, those of us in the Northeast suffered through “Snowmageddon 2015,” aka Winter Storm Juno, aka the kind of winter weather that has made us ask ourselves, “Why do I live in New England again?” Poor weather tends to bring out the best in our loved ones, who may text us to warn us about the impending storm or ask us to let them know when we’re safe. It’s adorable. I loved reading this blog post from Bust that included real-life texts from the magazine’s staff writers’ parents, all of whom who just wanted to make sure everyone was being safe! I even got some concerned texts of my very own. 😉


3. Wine: I’ve written about some wine-related things before, but I’ve never said I’m smitten with just plain wine. Isn’t it about time I pay homage to that unsung hero? Here’s to wine (especially white), for getting us through long days; for pairing so well with chocolate and cheese; for inspiring tastings; for helping us celebrate the important moments in life; and for making everything just a little bit better. (In fact, I’m enjoying some now.) Comment and tell me your favorite kind of wine!


What are you positively smitten with this week?


2 responses to “Crystal’s Smitten List: Hello Gorgeous, Concerned Texts, Wine

  1. that wine concoction that you and bill brought by the house that time. that you had said was a sangria but white, was nice if you could post that recipe again. a little summer would taste good right about now with the forecast of more snow coming.


    • Glad you guys liked it!! Here’s the recipe:

      1 bottle of white wine (We used Riesling)
      2/3 cup white sugar
      1 cup orange juice
      1 lemon (sliced)
      1 lime (sliced)
      1/2 liter of ginger ale

      I don’t want to hear about more of this “snow” — I’m too sore to do anymore shoveling this year!

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