Crystal’s Smitten Life: Cupcakes, Travel, Christmas

“Smitten Life” is a monthly series – a photo diary giving you a glimpse of what we’re doing each month to create and live our own smitten lives! We hope you enjoy being inspired by these images as much as we do capturing them. Feel free to share your own smitten life on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


My grandma and I are close, and we always have fun together! In November, we went to see Wicked (for me, it was the second time) and we loved it.


I am endlessly amused by my dog, Obi. Here, he models a new hairdo.


Bill and I are slowly starting to think about what we envision for a wedding. And we’ve settled on one thing: where to get the cake. These were delicious!


After Thanksgiving, my mom, grandma and I decided to have a “girl’s day” in New York City.


We had tickets to see Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the famed Radio City Music Hall!


I couldn’t resist snapping this pic. So sparkly 😉


It was gorgeous inside… and a fun, festive show!


Afterward, we stopped by Rockefeller Center (pre-tree lighting) to take a peek at the gigantic tree and the ice skating rink.


Early in December, my company had its holiday party. Bill and I got all dressed up to go… and then decided to head out to dinner, just the two of us, instead. It was a lovely evening.


Obi was feeling a little festive as one of Santa’s Little Helpers!


I was lucky to get a lot of wonderful gifts this Christmas, including this sweet one from Steph! “From one writer to another.”


So we don’t have a fireplace… but that didn’t stop Bill and I from improvising and setting the scene on Christmas Eve. I had a fantastic Christmas, and was reminded of how lucky I am to be so loved.


I mentioned a few weeks back that I love trying new types of hot chocolate, and I got some new flavors to try from Bill’s parents this Christmas! In my cup was some french vanilla hot chocolate (and how awesome is my Gilmore Girls mug from Bill?).


Lastly, I said goodbye to a job I enjoyed for two years. My co-workers surprised me with these lovely pink flowers! Although leaving is bittersweet, I’m excited to try something new at my next position. I’m ready for you, 2015!


One response to “Crystal’s Smitten Life: Cupcakes, Travel, Christmas

  1. Love your smitten life, Crystal! I especially love that you and Bill got dressed up for your company holiday party, but decided to go out to dinner just the two of you . . . priceless! Happy New Year!

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