We’re Positively Grateful


wheat field

Dear PS Community,

Seeing how yesterday was Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude toward all who make Positively Smitten happen.

Thank you to our staff writers who help turn out the content that makes our online magazine the inspiring place that it is.

Thank you to those who have contributed at least once in some way: a post, a “like”, a comment.

Thank you to our readers who justify us doing what we love to do.

Thank you to our online community who helps spread the word through shares and other engagements.

Thank you to Bill for your valuable eye when it comes to our brand and marketing.

Thank you to everyone who’s ever encouraged us to follow our dreams of writing and editing and running our own magazine.

Thank you to all who are positively smitten about life or who strive to be, as you are our constant inspiration.

Sincerely, Crystal & Steph


One response to “We’re Positively Grateful

  1. Thank you Crystal, Steph and the entire PS team for giving so much of your time, energy and self to create this ever inspiring online magazine that offers such a variety of interesting, heart-warming and thought provoking articles. Keep up the good work!!


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