The Only Thing to Remember About Food and Eating This Holiday Season


As the holidays slowly start approaching, we’re probably all thinking about the same thing: food.

Okay, okay, there’s also family and being thankful and all of that, but there’s also food. Lots and lots of food. You’ll come across dozens of articles for delicious recipes to try this holiday season, while also being bombarded with hundreds of tips for staving off weight gain.

But when it comes to food and eating, here is the ONLY thing you need to keep in mind this holiday season: eat what you want, and forget what everyone else says.

Seriously. Others will have their opinions about what you should eat, about what you shouldn’t, and everything in between – but forget them.

I know it’s easier said than done, but you are in charge of yourself/your body. No one gets to decide what you’re going to eat, how much you’re going to eat, or when you’re going to eat it. Only you get to make those decisions.

So be sure to remind yourself that it’s okay to indulge. This year, go ahead and give yourself a little break from fretting over the calorie count in every morsel you consume. Let yourself enjoy your food, no strings attached. And try not to make yourself feel bad for your food choices. If you want a slice of pecan pie, have that slice of pecan pie! You deserve it. If others try to judge you for your eating habits, remind them that your eating habits are none of their business, and then go for that second helping of turkey – judgmental  stares be damned.

And you should also remind yourself that it’s okay to watch what you’re eating – even during the holidays. There are plenty of people who may be watching your plate and judging you for what you aren’t eating, and they aren’t afraid to let you know it. “You’re not having any of Uncle Sal’s famous fried chicken?!” or “I can’t believe you’re not going to have dessert!” or “But it’s the HOLIDAYS!” Forget these people, too. Don’t let others guilt you into eating something you aren’t interested in eating. Tell them you’re full, change the subject, or flat-out ignore them if you have to.

Above all, this holiday season, make sure you’re happy, healthy, and enjoying (or not enjoying!) every last bite of that pumpkin pie, guilt-free.


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