10 Bad Habits Ruining Your Skin

10 Bad Habits Ruining Your Skin

In my quest to be the best version of me inside and out, I try to be as healthy and kind to my body as possible knowing that this vessel is the only one I’ve got. That’s why I’m passionate about health and especially fascinated with skin – our body’s largest organ. It’s a canvas and a coat at the same time; it’s what everybody sees. You know the usual skin rules: never sleep in your makeup, wear sunscreen, and for goodness sake, don’t pick your blemishes. But what about those little-known bad habits you do every day that you don’t realize have a negative impact on your skin? Mother Nature and genetics aside, here are 10 bad habits to break, for the health and appearance of your skin.

1. Pulling too hard on your face when washing, drying, or applying makeup.  

The skin on your face and neck are delicate, yet sometimes you feel like the only way to clean deep, dry thoroughly, or get even makeup coverage is to go rough. I get it, but stop that! Go extra gentle. Use your fingertips to wash in slow, upward-outward circles, pat dry with a soft towel, and blot your makeup on with a sponge in quick, soft presses.

2. Touching your face all day long.

Every time you touch your face, you’re transporting filth onto it. So next time you prop your elbow on the table and rest your face on your palm, remember this advice: sitting up tall is not only better for your posture, but for your face as well.

3. Not changing your pillowcase and washcloth often enough.

You wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day of the week, so why would you want to press your face against the same pillowcase night after night? Swapping out pillowcases at least once a week will make your skin very, very happy. And same goes for your washcloth. In fact, dermatologists recommend ditching the cloth, which could hang onto pore-clogging oils, and use your hands to wash instead.

4. Reusing your makeup sponge.

Same idea, but possibly worse. Day after day, rubbing the same oil- and makeup-clogged sponge into your face is working against your efforts for having a clear complexion. Wash the sponge weekly, or if it’s disposable, swap it for a new one every week.

5. Using your body towel to dry your face.

Believe it or not, it’s not a good idea to wipe your face with the same towel you use to dry other parts of your body after getting out of the shower. Similarly, the towel that dries your hands is no good for your face. Keep a separate, special towel just for your face. Enough said, right?

6. Using water that’s too hot.

I know, hot water feels so good, especially after a jog in frigid temperatures or after waking up on a cold morning, but the hotter the water, the more it zaps the moisture out of your skin. In other words, you’ll need that much more lotion and drinking water to put the moisture back in.

7. Wearing makeup every day.

If you wear makeup daily, no question your skin is screaming to set it free. There’s nothing wrong with your decision to wear makeup, but give your face a rest and let her breath in fresh oxygen on the weekend when you’re hanging out around your house.

8. Staying too long or too short in the water. 

For all you bath-lovers, if you’re going to take a bath that’s longer than five minutes, stay in extra long…long enough so that your skin is past the point of the moisture being drawn away from your body and to the point where the water is actually settling into your skin because you’ve been sitting in it for so long. Trust me, it’s science.

9. Sleeping face down. 

You’ll clog your pores and create wrinkles over time if you always sleep on your stomach. Not good.

10.  Over cleaning, over scrubbing.

They still say that good ol’ soap and water does the (cleansing) trick best. A gentle, mild soap will be the least foreign to your fragile skin. But if you need to kick it up with a powerful product that combats breakouts, for instance, be sure to use it only once-in-a-while.

Remember, just be good to your skin and it will do its best to be good to you.


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