25 Tasks for a Rainy Day

25 Tasks for a Rainy Day

Is there anything more wonderful than a sunny weekend? No. And there never will be. However, even rainy Saturdays have their place once in a while. (Sorry, but you can’t have gorgeous weather for weekend outings 52 times a year!) Think of a rain day as an opportunity to be productive and get done those things you know you must get done eventually.

Next time you wake up on a Saturday and the rain is coming down, pull out this list and aim to cross off at least one item. If end up with 25 rainy Saturdays a year, you will at least be one productive person!

1. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges.

2. Toss expired makeup and medicine.

3. Organize one section of cupboards (kitchen or bathroom).

4. Toss old items in your fridge.

5. Thoroughly clean the insides of your fridge.

6. Tackle the stuff that’s accumulated in the bottom of your closet.

7. Organize one corner of your garage.

8. Trim back house plants and snip dying leaves and vines.

9. Take an inventory of your clothes and bag the items you haven’t worn in a year.

10. Go room-by-room with a broom to sweep cobwebs off your ceilings and along walls.

11. Organize your photos into albums or scrapbooks.

12. Swap out your framed photos with new photos, and old artwork with new artwork.

13. Mend all the clothing items that you set aside with holes and missing buttons.

14. Look under all your beds and couches for lost items…and while you’re under there, vacuum!

15. Go through your address book and make sure you have all the updated addresses of friends and family.

16. Wash all your throw blankets.

17. Toss old underwear and socks with holes.

18. Organize jewelry and set aside pieces you never wear to give away.

19. Dust wall hangings, ceiling fans, and lights.

20. Organize your junk drawer.

21. Put your oven through a self-clean cycle (read your instructions first!).

22. Clean your jewelry in a cleaning solution or a homemade mix of hot water and baking soda.

23. Repot your indoor plants that have become root-bound.

24. Sharpen every blunt pencil and toss pens that have no ink.

25. Organize your bookshelves by color, size, or genre, and weed out those you won’t read again.


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