What’s Your Dream Job?

Each month, we upload a new writing prompt on our sidebar, encouraging people to write in on the topic. September’s writing prompt is DREAM JOBS.


Do you have one? If so, what is it, and has it always been your dream job, or has your dream job or idea of a dream job changed? What qualities about it make it a dream job? Are you doing anything now to one day have this job?

Here’s how our staff answered…

It seems like every month, I’ve got a new favorite pastime. And every day, there’s some new activity that I want to learn so I can excel at it. But when it comes to my idea of a dream job, I’ve remained pretty stable. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to write. I just love literature, the written word, books, articles, black ink on a page that communicates some message to others, etc. Over the years, I’ve explored the idea of being an author, a magazine editor, a freelance writer. Lucky for me, I’ve already lived my dream job in many ways – I was a newspaper writer and editor for the first four years of my career and I’ve freelanced for a handful of publications. But more so than the career itself, just being surrounded by things that relate to my dream job is enough to make me happy. My office is overflowering with books, old ink wells, antique typewriters, framed artwork of writery things, and my writing desk is the centerpiece of the room. Sigh…happiness. On top of that, I take every opportunity to learn more about this dream job by spending a day with author David Baldacci in his writing studio, and taking multiple courses, like a memoir course at the Mark Twain House, a novel writing course with a literary agent, and a book/magazine/digital publishing course at New York University. Oh, and running Positively Smitten with Crystal, who shares the same passion and commitment to it as I do! As long as I’m immersed in these kinds of things, I’m one step closer to achieving living my dream job. And along the way I’m having fun – doing what you love and enjoy are the qualities of a dream job, after all. – Steph

Like Steph, I have been very fortunate: I get to experience my “dream job” every day that I get paid to write. I’ve always wanted to turn writing into a viable career. As a kid, I would stay up late scribbling stories in notebooks; I journaled regularly; I’d drift off in the middle of class and think up new ideas; and I hoped, wished, and dreamed I would someday be a professional writer and see my name in print. I’m lucky that I’ve done that. I’ve done more with my writing career than I ever thought was possible. To do what you love and be able to earn a living is not something that everyone has the privilege of experiencing and I don’t take this for granted, not for a second. To anyone who is hoping to someday achieve that “dream job,” I say if you’ve got the time/resources/abilities, than go for it. You won’t regret it. – Crystal


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