Steph’s Smitten Life: Summer Harvest, Hay Bales, Craft Fairs

“Smitten Life” is a monthly series – a photo diary giving you a glimpse of what we’re doing each month to create and live our own smitten lives! We hope you enjoy being inspired by these images as much as we do capturing them. Feel free to share your own smitten life on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

PS Cake

I was very pleased with myself for baking this homemade vegan cake for my sister’s 30th birthday last month!

PS Harvest

I don’t love veggies, but I admit it’s fun to grow our own. I did my best to make meals using our summer harvest.

PS Last Ride

My last hurrah of the summer: a boat trip to Old Saybrook, CT with my parents. Cheers to another great summer ending!

PS Grapes

End of the summer here in New England = delicious grapes free for the picking, courtesy of my neighbor who grows vines in his back field. I picked several bunches for homemade grape jelly.

PS Computer

I love to get up early during the week to work on my writing for Positively Smitten. I usually retreat to my office or a guest bedroom where the change of scenery usually offers inspiration.

PS Flowers

Chris brought me home flowers one evening, which just so happened to match the robe I had on very nicely! I adore bright colors, can you tell?

PS Sunset

I never miss a chance to capture a sunset or the moon rising (pictures don’t do justice) — even better when one of our pups jumps in.

PS Hay bale

After the farmer hayed our field, we had a little fun playing on the bales!

PS Decorating

At the first sign that fall has arrived, I broke out my fall decorations.

PS Dinner Party

With my fall decorations in place, I decided to have a spontaneous dinner party. It was a delicious success!

Making art for an upcoming craft fair.

Making art for an upcoming craft fair.

PS New Car

It was finally time for a new car. It is the season of change, after all!


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