From Your Editors: How to Get Even More Positively Smitten

Hi everyone,

Recently, we’ve been hearing from some of you that you aren’t seeing as much Positively Smitten as you’d like. Some of you mentioned that your daily email updates from are going straight to the spam folder, while others of you have mentioned that you have stopped seeing us in your Facebook feeds.

We’re here to tell you how to fix that!

How to receive Positively Smitten emails

Sometimes Positively Smitten emails may get caught in your email’s spam folder. This isn’t because we’re sending you spam (we’d never do that), but instead because email providers sometimes have trouble telling the difference between a spam email and a regular email.

To fix that, be sure to add the domain name to your “safe senders” list or sift through your spam box, find a notification from WordPress, and mark it as “not spam.” To prevent future emails from automatically going into your trash or spam folder, make sure you’re never marking these emails as spam and, instead, simply marking them as “read” once you’re all done.

If you haven’t yet signed up to receive our email notifications, you can do so right at the bottom of this post! Easy peasy. 😉

How to see Positively Smitten in your Facebook feed

Facebook is making it more and more difficult for pages like Positively Smitten to show up in your feed. These days, just liking a page isn’t enough to make it so that we show up in your feed — you have to interact with our page, too. It’s a lot to ask, and we completely understand if this isn’t your cup of tea.

But if you do want to see our daily updates on Facebook, head to our Facebook page and make sure you’re “following” us. Then, interact with our page a bit — like a photo, comment on a story, share something to your own page, or comment just to say hello. This will help Facebook know that Positively Smitten is a page you like and want to see in your news feed. (If you’re interested in learning more about how Facebook’s news feed works, click here.)

Other ways to interact with Positively Smitten

We update four times per week, Monday through Thursday, so you can always head to our homepage to see our latest article.

We’re also on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram — and we’d love to connect with you. Don’t hesitate to email us at with feedback, questions, article ideas, or just to say hello.

Thank you all for your continued support for Positively Smitten! Can’t wait to hear from you.


Crystal and Steph


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