5 Monthly Subscription Boxes Worth Checking Out

5 Monthly Subscription Boxes Worth Checking Out

Monthly subscription boxes have all the convenience of shopping with none of the hassle. You don’t have to go to the store; you don’t have to lug the bags to your house; you don’t have to make polite conversation with the sales clerks. No, with monthly subscription boxes, you barely have to leave your house. That’s my kind of shopping. (Just kidding. Every kind of shopping is my kind of shopping.)

Once called “of-the-month” clubs, these monthly subscription services are back — and with a bit of a makeover. They’re more tailored and personalized than ever. These days, you can find a subscription box for almost everything, from beauty products to food to items for your puppy.

Here are 5 of my favorites (plus 5 others you might like!).


Photo credit Birchbox.com

Photo credit Birchbox.com

Monthly cost: $10

What you get: High-end makeup and beauty products without the ginormous price tag. Birchbox delivers a slew of items — eyeshadow, skin care items, hair products, nail polish, vitamins, and more — in a beautiful pink box every month. This was my first (and best) experience with a monthly subscription service thus far. I get so excited when that hot pink box shows up on my doorstep! The items are actually packaged in a plain, brown box within the pink box, and I’m so obsessed that I actually save and re-use these boxes around the house. Birchbox is a fantastic way to try new beauty products without having to commit to a bigger, more expensive version — unless, of course, you want to! (There’s even a men’s version, too, but that’ll cost slightly more at $20 a month.)


Photo credit Graze.com

Photo credit Graze.com

Monthly cost: Between $12-$24

What you get: Looking for some wholesome, healthy, but delicious snacks? Graze is the way to go. With more than 90 recipes, Graze lets you decide how frequently you want to receive your box (weekly or every 2 weeks — alas, they got rid of their monthly option) as well as the types of snacks you do and don’t like. Each box contains four goodies, which you can later rate online; the more you rate, the better tailored your future boxes will be! Their flapjacks are to-die-for. Graze boasts that they don’t use artificial flavors, genetically modified ingredients, or high fructose corn syrup. They’re always introducing new recipes and launching new product, like their recent “Big Box” that allows subscribers to receive 5 resealable sharing bags of some of the most-loved snacks.


Photo credit Lootcrate.com

Photo credit Lootcrate.com

Monthly cost: $19.37

What you get: Lootcrate is perfect for self-proclaimed “geeks and gamers.” The monthly boxes come with an assortment of video game, television, movie, or other pop culture-themed items, like collectible action figures, T-Shirts, stickers, buttons, pins, posters, and more. Every month boasts a different “theme.” Boxes have included items from popular fandoms such as Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Minecraft, Nintendo, Star Wars, Titan, Transformers, and more.


Photo credit BarkBox.com

Photo credit BarkBox.com

Monthly cost: Beginning at $18

What you get: This box isn’t really for you — it’s for your dog. Spoil your furry friend (or friends) with a monthly BarkBox filled 4-6 with treats and toys. You’ll never get a repeat item in this box… and it might just make your pup love you even more than he or she already does. You can feel about getting this subscription box, too; 10% of the proceeds are donated to dogs in need.

Club W

Photo credit ClubW.com

Photo credit ClubW.com

Monthly cost: Starts at $13 a bottle

What you get: You begin by answering a few questions about the flavors you like, and then Club W does the rest. Each month, they’ll send you bottles of wine specifically selected for your palette. They work with wineries from all over to provide each customer with something tasty. And considering it’s wine, you can’t really go wrong!

Other boxes you may enjoy

What’s your favorite monthly subscription service? 


3 responses to “5 Monthly Subscription Boxes Worth Checking Out

  1. Uh oh.. These sound like the introverts’ ideal. I detest shopping so much and almost had a panic attack at the mall once, so getting things delivered straight to my door??? I might just get into this. Especially the tea one?! Thanks, Crystal. 🙂


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