Steph’s Smitten List: Mums, Cooking Shows, Cameos

This week, I’m positively smitten with:

1. Mums: There are so many reasons to love the fall season, and I love it so much that I could spend my entire smitten list going over all of them. Instead, I’ll pick one of my favorites – the very first sign that fall has arrived in my yard: “mums”. My new tradition since moving into my home is indulging in chrysanthemums at the end of summer to sprinkle around my yard. In fact, I’m actually OK when my summer flowers die off (sorry, pretty flowers…most of you I’ll see next year). I’m so ready for the red, orange, purple, and yellow blooms to dot my yard. I adore the plump shape of these beauties, and they even have a distinct, pleasant smell. I planted eight this weekend and each and every one of them made me smile. No other flower makes me this happy!


2. Cooking Shows: There’s something both mesmerizing and inspiring about many of the shows on The Food Network or The Cooking Channel. I have my favorites (Farmhouse Rules; Barefoot Contessa; Trisha’s Southern Kitchen; Giada at Home; Pioneer Woman) that I record to play for a later time when I need cooking inspiration. I’ll even put them on in the background while I keep busy around my house. I just love watching good cooks work their magic in the kitchen – rattling off cooking advice while not measuring their ingredients, using butcher knives like a boss, and swiftly navigating their countertops, cupboards, and drawers. Someday, I’ll be like them 🙂

3. Cameos: Recently I was given a cameo by an older relative, who had received it from her mother-in-law. I strung it on a gold chain and wear it proudly, knowing that I’m wearing something that’s been passed around a few generations. I’m into anything vintage, romantic, feminine, and dainty, so I think they’re so charming. These “little carved portraits” (as I call them) come as broaches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and barrettes. They make a great fashion statement. Check out some of these beautiful cameos, and if you’ve got one, pull it out and give it some attention!

cameoWhat are you positively smitten with?


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