7 Fabulous Uses For Your Old Childhood Chalkboard


Back-to-school time makes me think of the days of the good ol’ black chalkboard. I’m pretty sure classroom chalkboards have all been replaced by whiteboards and fancy projectors. But if you’re like me, you might still have a personalize size chalkboard kickin’ around from grade school that you’ve contemplated tossing but didn’t have the heart to do. I beg you, don’t toss it – chalkboards are practical and charming and “green” and can be great conversation starters when actually used. Here are 7 fabulous ways to get use out of your chalkboard now that you’re a grownup.

1. Agenda – I live out of state from the rest of my family, so when they come up I like to make an event of the weekend. For this, I bring out my antique-looking chalkboard passed down from my grandmother; I jot down our itinerary and stand it on my kitchen counter. It attracts so much attention that I leave it there after the family is gone.

2. Shopping list – Hang the chalkboard in your breezeway or garage where you’ll see it as you leave your house. This way, you won’t keep forgetting to get the odd household things that don’t make the shopping list – like a rake or birdseed.

3. Reminders – Propped up against the wall on a table in your main hallway, this is a vintage way to keep notes like “Dog appt. 10/14”; “Schedule oil change”, etc.

4. Dinner menu – Want to really impress your friends when they come over to enjoy your kickass cooking? Display the menu – drink to desserts and everything in between – so they get a quick snapshot of what to anticipate and save room for.

5. Event messages – Whether for a wedding or shower or some other large gathering, write out important details of the day’s events where everyone is congregating. Or, for example, at the bottom of the driveway with an arrow pointing toward the parking. It’s a fun and old-school way of getting the message to the masses. I’m sure you’ve seen this similar idea used in vintage-themed weddings!

6. Personal notes – In big bold letters write a Maya Angelou quote or a love note to your sweetie. You’ll get enjoyment out of the process and can change it with your mood.

7. Doodles – Not an artist? Not a problem. Just let out your inner doodle and allow the chalkboard to be a representation of how you feel today; get your creative juices flowing with a sketch of the maple tree out your window or an outfit you would love to design. Again…can we say conversation starter?

Sure, there’s all kinds of apps that can keep your life on one little device, and paper and pen works fine too. But if you’ve got a chalkboard and some creativity, see what fun, practical, and fabulous ways you can put it to use.

Which one of these ideas will you try first? Let us know below!


2 responses to “7 Fabulous Uses For Your Old Childhood Chalkboard

  1. Love these ideas!! During our dinner party last night the guests and I talked about how cool it would have been to have our menu written out and displayed–this made me wish I had an old chalkboard hanging around!

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