Steph’s Smitten List: Leah Busque, Candles, ‘From Scratch’

This week I’m positively smitten with:

1. Leah Busque: I love female entrepreneurs, and in this moment I’m very inspired by Leah Busque, CEO of TaskRabbit, a mobile marketplace for outsourcing small tasks to neighbors, which Leah founded in 2008. She’s only 34, and what I love about her after stumbling upon this very inspiring YouTube video, is that she’s just your girl next door, but she’s a tech whiz who did the early coding for her site, she’s her husband’s boss, and she wasn’t afraid to put herself out there initially, gather input, seek mentors, and evolve her business model.  She’s a woman I would love to network with or just chat with over coffee!

2. Candles: Heading into my favorite time of year, I’m making sure I’m stocked up on seasonal candles. Sure, I love scented candles all year long, but the smells of apple pie, autumn wreath, and caramel take me away to my wonderful childhood memories of apple and pumpkin picking and family times. The soft flicker of a candle creates a warm ambiance that I turn to when I’m needing peace and calm. The smell is just the cherry on top! What’s your favorite autumn-scented candle?


3. “From Scratch”: I’m all for a boxed cake mix in a pinch, but there’s really nothing like the feeling of making your own cake from scratch. Or anything from scratch. For instance, if you’ve got the time and the tomatoes, cooking your own tomato sauce is very rewarding and tasty. I think of it almost like an activity between you and the food: it’s an intimate relationship, from start to finish, with the only thing between you and a delicious end result are the essential ingredients. There’s a reason those women from “back then” who made everything from scratch are still being talked about to this day — everyone loves a good meal or dessert that was homemade with TLC.

kitchen utensils

What are you positively smitten with?


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