Crystal’s Smitten List: Autumn, Bad Feminist, Twitter Journalism

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Autumn: Over the weekend, I saw the first few changing leaves on some trees near my house. That seemed to open the floodgates: soon, I was seeing all things pumpkin spice and warm sweaters and boots and Halloween. Even the weather recently has been cool and breezy, feeling much more autumn than end-of-summer. Fall is without a doubt, my absolute favorite time of the year, with its apple picking and changing leaves and just-cold-enough-to-bundle-in-a-sweater weather. Sigh. I can’t wait! (Although, if we wanted to skip over winter after fall and go straight to spring instead, I’d be fine with that.)


2. Bad Feminist: Prior to the release of “Bad Feminist,” I was a huge fan of Roxane Gay. I followed her on Twitter and Tumblr; got her to friend me on Facebook (to be fair, she friended everyone, but…); and tried to read as much of her writing as I could. I was enthralled with her writing. She seemed to strike the perfect balance between personal, political, and personal-as-political, weaving her own stories into bigger-than-life narratives about race, gender, and feminism. Given her previous body of work — including a series curated on Salon to feature the writing of women of color — I was incredibly excited to learn that she would soon be releasing a book of feminist essays entitled “Bad Feminist” (released Aug. 5). She even gave away some free (!!) T-Shirts to a few fans. Everyone’s been talking about the book “Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay for weeks and now that it’s finally out, I can see why. I’m about halfway through and I love it so far! It’s a great end-of-summer read, so be sure to check it out.

Me in my 'Bad Feminist' shirt. Thank you, Roxane Gay!

Me in my ‘Bad Feminist’ shirt. Thank you, Roxane Gay!

3. Twitter Journalism: As a former journalist, I was always really interested in the way that social media was shaping and influencing the way news was reported. It’s no secret that “mainstream media” tends to leave much to be desired when it comes to reporting the stories of women; of people of color; of the poor; of the LGBT community; and of other marginalized groups. But these social platforms, in conjunction with the fact that everyone has access to a camera/video on their phone, helped create “community journalism,” especially through Twitter. This has proven true time and time again, including now, with Ferguson. This map shows how news of the death of Mike Brown, the 18-year-old, unarmed, black teen who was killed by a Ferguson police officer, spread across Twitter. While Ferguson police remained mute about the incident, the realities of what happened that day spread through the use of the hashtag #Ferguson; vigils and peaceful protests were organized; journalists like Antonio French live-tweeted events as they happened; and first-hand accounts were shared. If not for Twitter, this story would likely not have received a fraction of the media attention it has and, at this point, it’s better to check Twitter first for the latest updates on Ferguson.


What are you positively smitten with this week?

Photo credit Matt Pearce.


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