6 Simple Ways to Put Your Instagram Photos to Use

6 Simple Ways to Put Your Instagram Photos to Use | Positively Smitten

These days, many of us preserve our photos not in hardcover albums or even through Facebook, but on Instagram — the photo-based app that lets us create a “digital photo album” right from our phones. Instagram has proven to be an easy (and totally addicting) way to share your latest pics online.

But sometimes that isn’t enough. So let’s put those pics to good use instead of letting them gather digital dust. You didn’t take that perfectly lit close-up of your decadent ice cream for nothing! These 6 easy-to-use sites can help you turn your Instagram pics into everything from stickers to magnets and back again.


How cute is this Tinybook?! The site boasts 3 for $10. Sold. Photo via Prinstagram.


Good for: Prints, photobooks, tiny photobooks, stickers, photostrips, posters, double-sided squares, magnets, buttons, and more.

About: Prinstagr.am is my absolute favorite Instagram-related service out there. I can’t recommend it enough! This is the service I used to get dozens of prints done (as seen in the photo above), and they continuously add new, affordable ways to make use of your Instagram pictures. Their Tinybook is absolutely on my list of “Things I Don’t Need But Must Have.”


Talk about a unique, personalized phone case. Photo via Sticky9.

Sticky 9

Good for: Magnets, custom phone cases, and iPad covers.

About: Formerly Stickygram, Sticky9 has a growing selection of items that can be emblazoned with your favorite Instagram pictures. Do you want your phone case to display every single #ThrowbackThursday photo you’ve posted? You got it! Phone cases and tablet covers start at around $35 each.


It’s nostalgia that can fit in the palm of your hand. Photo via Reelagram.


Good for: View-Masters. For real.

About: Remember View-Masters — those funky red goggles that you could use to view photos that were on a reel? Now, thanks to Reelagram, you can now have one made using seven of your own Instagram pics. This is kind of the best thing I’ve ever seen. If you have your old View-Master from when you were a kid, you can use that to view your reel, which will cost $19.95; if you want to purchase a viewer and a reel, it’s $29.95.


It’s a sticker book! Photo via Instagoodies.


Good for: Stickers.

About: Love stickers? Yeah, me too. It’s a childhood phase I’ve never quite grown out of, and I love that you can now make stickers of your own face if you so please. Instagoodies does just that, in a book of 90 stickers for just $14.


These wristlets from Stitchagram cost $82. Photo via Stitchagram.


Good for: Pillows, wristlets, mini-pillows, coin purses, tote bags, zipper pouches.

About: If you want to wear your photos — or maybe just decorate your house with them in a fun, unique way — Stitchagram is the way to go. It takes personalized decor to a whole new level! Prices range from $28 and up, depending on what you want.


An app for your app! Photo via PostalPix.


Good for: Prints, aluminum prints, iPhone cases, mouse pads.

About: You don’t even have to leave Instagram to use PostalPix. The app has recently updated so that you can send your pictures off to be printed right from Instagram! Not bad.

What’s your favorite way to share your Instagram photos?


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