Steph’s Smitten List: Garbage Bowls, Facial Serum, Friends

This week, I’m positively smitten with:

1. Garbage Bowls: At my house, we compost as much as we can, and I’m that much more motivated to set aside peels, seeds, pits, and coffee grinds when I’m collecting scraps in a pretty garbage bowl. My mom bought me one from the Rachael Ray collection, and while any bowl would do the trick, these colorful, speckeled options add flair to your kitchen. Hard to resist!

garbage bowl

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2. Serums: If there’s one thing I do for myself, it’s a once-a-week at-home spa, and I found my newest spa obsession: serum. Had it not been less than $10 at Marshalls, I maybe would have overlooked this little wonder. But I’ve heard great things about serums, so I bought Jojoba Oil and Carrot Oil serums and introduced them into my weekly skin care routine. Though the instructions say to apply the serum under your moisturizer every morning, my skin is sensitive to oil (read: breakouts!) so I massage it into my skin one to two nights a week, let sit, then blot off with warm water on a wash cloth. I feel luxurious, youthful, and wonderful!

3. Friends: Because of our busy lives, it’s so hard to get together with friends as often as we’d like. That’s exactly why it feels that much more rewarding when we finally do spend quality time with them! Last Friday, Chris and I shared a casual dinner and lots of wine among some of our favorite couples. We just about covered every topic and left feeling recharged and anxious to hang out again. I was reminded how much our souls really do crave deep conversations, lots of laughs, and people to share our lives with.

table setting

What are you positively smitten with?


2 responses to “Steph’s Smitten List: Garbage Bowls, Facial Serum, Friends

  1. Oh Steph! I love my Rachael Ray garbage bowl too! I happen to know you don’t only use yours for garbage though (remember movie night and that big bowl of popcorn?). I use mine for everything – – displaying fruit, tossing broccoli with garlic and olive oil, and of course popcorn and garbage – but not at the same time 😉

    Yes, friends! This week I connected with two gal-pals I used to work with. One is my age, the other twenty years my junior. I had two awesome visits catching up and I love them both!!


    • And now I have my red garbage bowl and love it just as much! I think I’ll use the other to display fruit in for now and use this one for counter garbage.

      It is so wonderful to have friendships that come in all shapes and sizes and ages! Your friendships inspire me 🙂


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