Steph’s Smitten Life: Sun Hats, Rock Cairns, Homemade Pasta

Every week we share with you the top three things that make our “Smitten List” – videos, apps, websites, products, do-gooders, achievers, entrepreneurs, and so much more. Everything that makes up these lists impacts our lives positively or we’re simply smitten with.

Now we’re kicking off a new monthly series called “Smitten Life” – a photo diary giving you a glimpse of what we’re doing each month to create and live our own smitten lives! We hope you enjoy being inspired by these images as much as we do capturing them. Feel free to share your own smitten life on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Fresh H2O

There’s something so much more enticing about a glass of water when you’ve added fresh fruit! This might be my drink of choice in summer.


My favorite view of the Adirondack Mountains from Lake Champlain became even more spectacular when my beautiful cousin Julia stepped in.

girl in a sun hat

One reason I love the sunshine is because I love sun hats.


Some days I’m just a queen with a glass of wine, surveying her kingdom.

rock cairn

Very first rock cairn. How charming!

Keylime cookies

Strawberry ice cream between key lime cookies — is there a better dessert after a hot day of yard work?

Making pasta

Learning something new during a weekend at my grandmother’s house: homemade pasta!

in the meadow

I kind of like that the farmer hasn’t come to cut our hay.

Playful puppy

Hank doesn’t mind either.

Reading on a boat

Reading on a boat…doesn’t get much better. Another hat!

Reading poolside

New shades for summer! Had to have ’em.


One of my little masterpieces…a flower wagon!



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