7 Sites and Apps to Help Organize Your Life

7 Sites and Apps to Help Organize Your Life | Positively Smitten

I’m fairly certain the phrase, “If your head wasn’t attached, you’d lose it” was created just for me. I tend to be forgetful and am always looking for new ways to help keep myself — and my life — organized. Thankfully, these 7 digital sites/apps have done more than my various Post-It notes can.

1. Evernote: If you’re anything like me, you may have a tendency to scribble down partial notes anywhere and everywhere, try really, really hard to put them in their proper place, and then promptly lose them. It happens. It sucks. It doesn’t have to be this way. Evernote is both a site and an app, accessible from your desktop computer as well as your phone and/or tablet (so long as the app has been downloaded). It lets you type up your notes and organize them into whichever means of organization works for you. You can search the notes by keyword, put them in separate folders (so your “Work Notes” can be separate from your “Half-Baked Ideas for a Novel I’ll Never Write Notes”). Regardless of where you use Evernote, so long as you’re using the same login information, you’ll be able to access all of your items wherever you are.

2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is often used for businesses, but it can be great for personal use, too. It’s perfect for anyone who’s got multiple social media accounts they want to keep up with. The service is free, and you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other accounts into this one platform. From Hootsuite, you can see all of your dashes, including the updates from your friends; you can also choose to set up special tracking so you can monitor a specific hashtag, page, or whatever else. It’s excellent for the person who wants to keep an eye on all of the feeds at once without having to have several pages open. Plus, you can schedule posts, if that’s your thing!

3. Pinterest: I admit that I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict — but this social media site is actually fantastic for bookmarking things you find on the internet. I created a slew of “secret boards” which I use to pin articles, photos, products, and anything else I find on the internet at some point in my day and want to revisit later. Sometimes, these are long-form articles I stumble across at work but don’t have the time to read in the moment; sometimes I’ll pin products I love that I eventually want to save up to by. Your Pinterest boards can consist of literally anything, so long as there’s a nice image to go along with it — plus, you know, it’s great for recipes and DIY suggestions and home decor and fashion tips and, and, and…

4. Google Drive: I would be absolutely lost without my Google Drive. By now, most of us have and love our Gmail address (and if not, start there and get yourself one ASAP!). One great things about being a Gmail user is all of the other perks that come along with it, including G-chat, Google Calendar (which I cover in depth below), and Google Drive. Your Drive can be your best friend. It’s free, private storage for all of your documents, photos, spreadsheets, and whatever else you could possibly need to save in a secure place. Since Google Drive is connected with your Gmail account, you can access these items anywhere, whether you’re at work or at home or on the road.

5. Mint: Gaining control of your finances is a must, as Steph and I have both touched on before. Mint.com can help you get there. The free service can be hooked up with your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards in order to help you get a grasp on where your money is going and how it’s spent. It breaks down your purchases into various categories so you can see if your money is really going to productive places (bills, savings account) or if it’s slowly dwindling away to naughty little habits (daily Starbucks runs, a dress addiction). Mint also allows you to set up “goals” that can help you save money or curb spending in certain areas. It’s excellent for beginners and financial gurus alike.

6. Google Calendar: I mentioned earlier that the Google Drive is a God-send; so is Google Calendar. Again, this works best for Gmail users, but if you’re not a Gmail user, then I highly recommend taking advantage of whatever calendar is available on your phone. Google Cal, however, is exactly as it sounds: a digital calendar that can keep track of all of your appointments, now through the rest of eternity. Your Google Calendar can sync with your phone if you’re logged in to your email, and you can set reminders for appointments or important dates, too. You’ll never miss an appointment again.

7. Kindle: This is another great app for book lovers! It’s available for download on your desk or on your phone/tablet. The best part? You can use this even if you don’t have a Kindle or an e-reader. All you have to do is nab the app for your appropriate phone/desktop/tablet, and connect it to your Amazon.com account. Whatever Kindle books you purchase will then be available through your Kindle app, so your phone is suddenly all seven “Harry Potter” books in addition to all of the other rad stuff is does.

What sites or apps do you use to help keep your life (digital or otherwise) organized?

Photo credit Yutaka Tsutano


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