Crystal’s Smitten List: How to Put On Your Face, Drunk History, Beyonce Voters

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. How to Put on Your Face: I like watching makeup videos; they’re informative, fun, and actually a little bit relaxing. But this makeup video from Anna Akana is a little different. It isn’t really about “how to put on your face” (although she does put makeup on during the video). It’s about taking care of everything that isn’t your face, like your mind and your thoughts and your mental wellness. Anna shares some great insight, and I especially love around 1:58, where she discusses kindness. She says, “Make sure you’re [being kind] in a moderately healthy amount. I see a lot of girls who are way too kind, for all the wrong reasons, and end up giving all of themselves away.” This is the first Anna Akana video I’ve watched, but I’m an instant fan.

2. Drunk History: The premise for “Drunk History” is simple — a really drunk person shares an anecdote about someone from history, which is acted out by celebrities. “Drunk History” started out as a handful of Funny or Die sketches, some of which you may have seen such as Ryan Gosling and Jim Carrey re-enacting “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” or Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Recently, the internet show was turned into a Comedy Central program, and it’s as funny as ever. I’ve been watching the short clips on YouTube to tide me over until I can catch up on all the episodes, but I highly recommend this show for a little history and a good laugh.

3. Beyonce Voters: As many know by know, I am obsessed with Beyonce, so I’m all about this new blog called Beyonce Voters. What is a “Beyonce voter,” you may ask? It’s the term conservative Fox News host Jesse Waters used when discussing the group of young, single women who would be most likely to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. That simple phrase has taken on a life of its own and inspired this hilarious Tumblr. The creator takes images of political figures, such as Hillary herself, Sonia Sotomayer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Michelle Obama, then places relevant Beyonce lyrics on top of each image. I love it.

Photo credit Beyonce Voters.

Photo credit Beyonce Voters.

What are you positively smitten with this week?


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