10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Sophisticated

10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Sophisticated | Positively Smitten

It’s fun to pretend and live like you’re richer than you are. However, it’s only fun if you’re pretending in a way where you’re not spending big bucks and putting yourself in debt — that’s the wrong kind of fun! I like posh and luxury-looking items and I like them on the cheap, heck you can even make your own pretty posh things and imagine you’re a prince or princess or overlord/lady.

Here are my top ten picks for making your living space more luxurious without breaking bank. Some of these are easy do-it-yourself items, too!

Bathtub Caddy

Not the ones that just hold your shower products. This is a cozy little item that spans over your bathtub so you can have a more relaxing soak. It can hold a book, your phone, a candle, or your wine! They range from a very simple, yet elegant flank of wood to a metal caddy with a raised book holder. Unless you’re already familiar with doing woodwork I would purchase one, like this one from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Lace or Sheer Canopy

Though I’d like to, I don’t have the $2000-3000 available for a king-size oak canopy bed frame. However, you can purchase a princess canopy on the cheap or easily do it yourself. Purchase a few affordable, long sheer panels (the longer the better) and either an embroidery hoop or a rod and a simple chain and way to hang it from the ceiling. Voila! Here’s an easy guide.

Personalized Towels or Prints

Every person that dreams of being rich thinks about having those monogrammed towels that display their initials so everyone that comes to your house KNOWS they’re your towels and they would never dare to steal them. I am totally kidding, but it is nice to have a monogrammed towel on your towel rack. If you have free wall space and don’t want to spend a hundred plus dollars for a piece of art you’re “meh” about, get a $20 frame, a piece of canvas, some stencils and paint your initials to display. For the towels, get a regular towel, some fabric paint and use the same method with some letter stencils (or use iron-on letters).

Tray for Breakfast in Bed

This item is lovely to have around and entices you to eat in bed. Really, what’s better? Serve up some waffles, towering with whipped cream, some freshly cut fruit, and some mimosas to yourself or your partner and your day improves by about 3000%. It’s scientifically proven; really adding a simple tray to your life adds happiness to your life! You can purchase a simple wooden tray, like this, from Pier One for $20.

Cake Stand as Makeup Stand

I personally like cake stands with cake on them. But I love using them for a perfume stand, a makeup stand, or a jewelry area. A cake stand can basically make anything look a bit more stylish. I mean putting dirty laundry on a cake stand is still dirty laundry (but elegantly displayed dirty laundry). Go to any flea market and you’re bound to find a nice crystal or silver cake stand or even serving platter.  There are tons of DIY methods to create your own cake stand, try this one.

Double Headed Shower

You see it all the time, those shower commercials that show a shower larger than your entire bathroom, with places to sit, and water coming from every angle. Well, you don’t have to invest $10,000 for that enormous shower to enjoy a nice shower. Purchase a double headed shower head. Look for one below $50, you’ll be surprised by how well it works. This one from Lowes has a pause feature to help water conservation too.



Photo Credit: http://www.lisaroy.ca

A lot of companies have cheaper priced chandeliers now, they still look nice and can enhance any room. If you don’t want to drop $125 on a modestly priced chandelier you can grab a simple pendant hanging light and add your own crystals, seashells, beads, or clear Christmas bulbs. Even easier: grab a hula hoop, wrap it with white ribbon, and drape (fire resistant) icicle Christmas lights from it. Check out this lovely DIY chandelier.

Wax Seals and Stationery for Sending Out Letters


Photo Credit: mieryaw on Etsy.

I know we barely send physical mail these days and that’s all good, but when you have to or when you want to send a personal letter for a holiday or birthday this is the way to go. Browse these wax seal kits and check out their stationery sets too (or, for the one pictured, click here). For future ease purchase a letter opener, as well! Think about how cool it is to have your own stationery and how bad ass you feel for wax stamping those letters closed! Is it just me? It can’t be!

Tea Set

A personal tea set with a lovely pot and some mismatched cups your picked up at different flea markets and stores is a great thing to have around. You can get single tea cups and saucers at Crafts 2000 for about $5 or less.  A set definitely doesn’t need to match but you can stay in families if you’d like (florals with florals, and patterns with pattern). If you purchase a clear pot you can get blooming teas for show too! To give you an idea of what you’d like to look for you can browse sets here.

Decanters for Drinks

Even if you don’t drink whisky or other liquors you can put iced tea, water, juices into the decanters. It’s a very grand way to say “HEY I HAVE LIQUID AND LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS”. Again, utilize flea markets for glassware it’s cheaper than you’d expect, and even TJ Maxx has glass pieces in their décor section for $6-10 per piece.

Photo credit Jeremy Levine.


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