What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

Each month, we upload a new writing prompt on our sidebar, encouraging people to write in on the topic. June’s writing prompt is SUMMER BUCKET LISTS

What are some things you’d like to accomplish this summer? Do you have a favorite way to spend the summer months? What does your “ultimate summer bucket list” look like?

Here’s how our staff answered…

Beach bucket

A little R&R

What’s on my summer bucket list? What isn’t! There is so much I want to accomplish this summer – everything from swimming at the beach like I did as a kid to having a slumber party in backyard tents! Truth be told, my summer bucket list is a reflection of my ongoing goals and items that linger on my year-round to-do list. (That’s cheating, I think.)

So when I think long and hard about what I truly want to accomplish this summer, it’s to step back from planning and just enjoy the season. I never allow myself to relax, or if I do, I tell myself I will after I paint the bathroom, vacuum the house, and clean the fridge. And for the same reason, I never go out and do all the things I know I’d love this time of year – like visiting a vineyard. I want to surprise myself by creating an unpredictable summer and spend more time in slow motion.

Therefore, I think the top two bucket list items to help me achieve these goals are:

  1. Leave my house for three day trips (this ensures an exciting summer) and
  2. Read three books cover to cover, one of which is a classic (this ensures I slow down).

If I can manage this list, I’m sure to have a fun and relaxing summer – just how it should be! – Stephanie

Good food and good books

I’m lucky that my summer has been off to a great start — I’ve already checked several things off of my summer bucket list, including visiting my favorite beach, a beloved bookstore, and a local winery! But there’s so much more I’d love to do.

So, for my official summer bucket list items, I’d really love:

  1. To set up our grill and actually use it, at least once!
  2. A day spent lounging about, enjoying a lazy summer day;
  3. To read three books;
  4. To spend at least one morning doing some writing just-for-fun; and
  5. To make and eat s’mores. Lots and lots of s’mores. – Crystal

De-stress and de-compress

These last few months for me have been busy and a bit stressful. Okay, really fucking stressful, and I’d like to slow down. This summer, I want to:
  1. Try yoga
  2. Plan better
  3. Rush less
  4. Have more quiet – Bill

What’s on your summer bucket list? 


3 responses to “What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

  1. Awesome, Bill! I hope you do try Yoga. And Crystal, I had three s’mores to kick off my vacation last week, so I can help with your bucket list if you need it 😉


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