Best Movies to Get You Ready for Summer

Best Movies to Get You Ready for Summer | Positively Smitten

Summer is such a unique time of year. It’s filled with sunshine, blooming flowers, sandy beaches, walks in the park, swimming in the creek, and floating down the river. These are the things that I live for, so it is by far my favorite season. With summer just around the corner, here are a few of the best movies/shows that help me get in the Summer frame of mind.

1. Dirty Dancing

This is my all time favorite summer movie. Baby is an idealistic young woman who just wants to change the world by going to college and joining the peace corps. Johnny is a charismatic young man with a talent for dancing that has been hardened by a hard life. This is a great movie for getting into the swing of summer. It is full of dancing and laughter and it is just plain great.

2. Safe Haven

While “Safe Haven” has its darker moments, at its core it’s about finding a new life and being at peace with the old life. Haven’t we all wanted to just hop on a bus and see where it takes us? I love the setting, right on the beach, and I love the actors and the characters that they portray. It is a great movie to get you thinking about small towns and summer vacations. It is one of the few Nicholas Sparks’ films that I recommend.

3. Lilo & Stitch

I love Stitch! He is the cutest, most destructive little critter imaginable. This movie is all about the surf and sand and laid back summer attitude. Nothing puts me in the mood for summer like this movie can. Lilo is the little kid that doesn’t quite fit in, but she loves to have fun and laugh and surf and swim. It may be an animation, but big kids can enjoy it, too.

4. The Goonies!

What’s not to love about the “Goonies”, which is set at the end of the summer? It features adventure, a little romance, a lot of laughs, and all the aspects of summer that make it my favorite season. The title refers to a group of friends and each guy in the group is sort of a stereotypical personality type. There is a mouthy kid called “Mouth”, a funny tech genius nicknamed Data, and a large child called “Chunk”. There are hilarious nicknames, awful exercise clothes, and typical 80’s hair. It is beautiful. This movie puts you in the mood to go seek out buried treasure in some unexplored part of the world. It is all about the misadventures we get ourselves into when we aren’t in school or work or otherwise distracted.

There are a ton of others, but I after watching these I hope you are ready to go out and take on a summer adventure of your own. Find a new love, make some new friends, reconnect with old friends, and bask in the sun!

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