Beauty Advice From the Gorgeous Women in My Life

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Mothers are the best at giving sound advice – everything from what to say when you think you’re in love to how to get a stain out of the carpet. Time and time again, I turn to my mother, grandmother, aunts, sister (who is now a mother herself!) and mothers of my friends and boyfriend for the important things in life. There must be something that happens to a woman once she becomes a mother – she just gets it. She gets your aches and pains, your awkward moments, your fears and insecurities, your dreams and successes, and boy does she get your self-esteem and beauty dilemmas! That’s right, women can offer beauty and wellness advice that most men simply cannot!

I come from a line of beautiful women, inside and out, who knew how to take care of themselves, inwardly and outwardly, and they passed it on to me. To honor these women for Mother’s Day, here are some of these simply and effective beauty tips I’ve used over the years from the beautiful women in my life.

  • Coconut oil is a healthy addition to any beauty routine; the amino acids and minerals in organic, unrefined coconut oil are key components for a quality face base, toner, and makeup remover, a non-greasy moisturizer, shave cream, lotion, chapstick, hair conditioner, sunblock, and much more! (my sister)
  • Sleep on your back; over time, sleeping on your side or stomach can cause unnecessary lines and creases from your face being pressed into the pillow. (my aunt)
  • Don’t use your pearly whites as a tool (for instance, to tear something open that you should use scissors for instead). They’re fragile and meant for smiling. (my mom)
  • Witch hazel makes for a very natural face wash (just dab it on with a cotton ball); it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean without irritating; besides it’s from a plant so it’s all natural. (my grandma)
  • Grooming your eyebrows can instantly help frame your face and open up your eyes, but don’t over pluck. A few times a year have them waxed to maintain a natural shape and in between simply pluck the strays. (my aunt)
  • Never neglect your décolletage, the thin skin on your upper chest between your breasts. Being exposed to sunlight often, it’s prone to spots and wrinkles, and is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging. It requires extra care, so protect it and moisturize just like you would your face; even exfoliate and treat it with a mask now and then. (my mom)
  • Don’t pick anything on your face, as tempting as it is. It can push bacteria back in your skin, making the issue worse. Plus, it can leave scars. (all my female relatives)
  • Get used to holding your stomach in as often as possible. Not only is it an instant slimming effect, but it is healthy: it tightens up your abs and forces you to stand straighter with better posture. Overtime, it will become second nature to stand with your abs drawn in. (my mom)
  • Lotion and baby powder should coexist peacefully in your beauty routine. After showering, use powder on parts of your body that aren’t prone to being dry (perhaps your feet and armpits) or sensitive, female parts, and use lotion on areas that tend to feel dry and rough (hands, elbows, legs). (my aunt)

The list could go on and on! The women who passed this beauty advice down to me have been examples of not only how to take care of yourself, but how to love yourself, too. Thanks, ladies! Happy Mother’s Day!

What beauty and wellness advice have the women in your life taught you?


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