Crystal’s Smitten List: How’s Your Hair, Orange is the New Black, Out of Print Clothing

This week, I’m smitten with…

1. How’s Your Hair?: As a curly-haired girl, I am well aware of the fact that my hair has a mind of its own. I stumbled across this website called “How’s Your Hair?” that tries to help fellow unruly-haired ladies out by telling us exactly what the weather’s like in our area. Genius! I can’t tell you how frequently I’ve left the house with perfectly, pin-straight hair only to realize far too late it’s raining or humid out. Goodbye, hard work; hello, frizz. This is a cute, quirky little helper.

Smitten list

2. Orange is the New Black: The new trailer for season 2 of “Orange is the New Black” is out — and I’m hooked. If you haven’t tuned in to the Netflix original series, I highly, highly recommend it. You can probably binge-watch it in a weekend with ease (not saying I did that or anything…) The only downfall? Season two isn’t out until June. Sigh.

3. Out of Print Clothing: This online shop brings together two of my favorite things: books and clothes. It’s similar to The Literary Gift Company, which I previously wrote about, but Out of Print gets extra love from me this week because I stumbled upon their Library Collection. Libraries were a huge, huge part of my childhood, so I need one of everything, naturally. Last week, part of the proceeds from items sold went to support the Queens-based school library at P.S. 244. Too cute!


What are you positively smitten with this week?


Curly hair photo credit Kat.


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