Steph’s Smitten List: Bluebirds, Tulips, Blue Nail Polish

This week I’m positively smitten with:

1. Bluebirds: I could watch birds at their feeders all day long. It’s as enthralling to me as the television is for some people. So when I saw two rare and gorgeous bluebirds hanging out by our feeders last week for the first time, I’ve never moved so fast! I knew that bluebirds like special food (mealworms) and are particular about the location of their homes (on the edge of open fields, overlooking them) so I had to get to the store to purchase a few things for our newest guests! I was like a kid waiting for the Easter Bunny while setting this all up; so joyful, anxious, and hopeful. I’m not sure if my love for birds makes me feel old, or if it makes me feel young. Either way, I’m so smitten! And yes, the bluebirds have found their new home!


2. Tulips: Or any other spring bloom, like daffodils and Easter lilies! They’re all so pretty and happy; I decided it was absolutely necessary to spend $6 for a pot of yellow tulips for my kitchen table. I love when people buy flowers for themselves; I know a woman who buys a new bouquet for her kitchen table every week. There’s something soothing about bringing a piece of nature indoors, I think it makes homes a more happy place. The best part is, when my tulips wilt, I’ll plant the bulbs outside to enjoy them year after year!


3. Blue Nail Polish: I’m not usually one for following trends, but when I saw that blue nail polish was in style this spring season, I admit I liked the look. I liked it enough that I actually had a burning desire to go find me some, so I went to Walmart and inspected every shade of blue until I found the perfect one: Revlon “Dreamer”. For a gal who feels best in red and nude nail colors, I think I found a new favorite! It’s fun for spring, feminine, and confident.

Blue Nailpolish

Photo courtesy of

What are you positively smitten with this week?


4 responses to “Steph’s Smitten List: Bluebirds, Tulips, Blue Nail Polish

    • Funny, sometimes I notice that I’m smitten with colors for various reasons. I’ve never had one favorite color, so this would make sense! Yes, you should try the nail polish. I also noticed that this brand lasts long on my nails…always a plus!


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