Crystal’s Smitten List: Small Favors, PureWow,

This week, I’m smitten with…

1. Small Favors (and Big Ones, too!): In truth, things have been more than a little hectic in my life these last few weeks, what with my apartment flooding and rendering me, my boyfriend, and my dog technically homeless (whoops). Today that all changes as we get the keys to our new rental home — but these last few weeks would have been terrible to get through without some really wonderful people in my life. I can’t help but be smitten with all of the million favors, small and large, that those around us have generously afforded us. I’m grateful to those who let us stay with them, those who offered a shoulder to lean on, and, of course, Bill’s dad who totally fixed my brakes and cleaned my entire car for me. In short, in spite of the not-so-great things that have been going on, I know I’m lucky to have some definitely-super-great people in my life. Thank you!


2. PureWow: I recently wrote about theSkimm, which directed me to PureWow, and I think I can now say I’m officially addicted to daily emails. PureWow sends various daily recommendations based on your interests, including recipes, apps, shopping suggestions, money tips, and more. The emails are kind of  like chatting with that friend you have who’s in tune with everything. My favorite thus far contains the recipe for the so-called “foolproof” cheesecake. I can’t wait to test it out — and I’ll be sure to report back!


3. It’s possible I’ll never get over my love for “The Hills” and Lauren Conrad. She’s the epitome of effortlessly lovely, with her perfect hair and her perfect clothes and perfect life and… man, I totally want to be Lauren Conrad. But I digress — the reality-star-turned-fashion-designer also has her own lifestyle site called and it’s all kinds of addicting. There, you can find makeup tips, fashion dos and don’ts, career suggestions, and adorable DIY ideas. I’m loving her recent article called “Go For It: How to Ask for What You Want.”


What are you positively smitten with this week?


6 responses to “Crystal’s Smitten List: Small Favors, PureWow,

  1. You turned me on to, and I love it too! The article you reference, “Go For It: How to Ask for What You Want”, was super helpful for me recently :))


  2. I am so glad someone else has this obsession with LC. I luv that girl and own so much of her clothing.


  3. you are very welcome crys. i didn’t really expect to make it to the pages of P.S. and the thought of helping you two out is always a yes. besides i need all the good karma i can generate. (because i have not always been a good boy) by the way love the new format of P.S. you and the other ladies keep up the great work.


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