Steph’s Smitten List: Fresh Looks, Enrichment Classes, TED

This week I’m positively smitten with:

1. Fresh Looks: Who doesn’t love a makeover?! Yesterday I chopped five inches of my hair, and I feel like a new woman. Knowing that I can part with my “precious long hair” instead of going with another “just a trim, please!” reminds me that I’m not attached to one version of ME. I like change, and I like feeling renewed. I also like how my shorter hair blows in the wind differently than my long hair (it’s the little things, guys)! Maybe next time it grows out really long and I’m ready for a fresh look, I’ll chop 10 inches to be donated to Locks of Love; that will be a win-win! Want to see how your hair will look with a different style or cut? Try any online virtual salon, like Marie Claire’s Virtual Hairstyle and Makeup Makeover.

Girl swinging her hair

2. Enrichment Classes: If there were more hours in the day, I would probably take an enrichment class every day! You know, a class like cooking, painting, cake decorating, ball dancing, wine 101, rock climbing, photography, women in the outdoors, meditation, etc. These classes are designed to be fun, creative, and teach new skills. This winter I learned how to make a snow-man-in-a-basket-with-evergreens, and had such a blast. Check your local Adult Education courses online to see what looks interesting to you.

Painting eggs

3. TED: I love being inspired and watching videos, and that’s probably why I love TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), a nonprofit organization that spreads ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. My dad turned me onto TED Talks years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since because they all make you think. From a talk on “how body language shapes who we are” and “dare to disagree” to “looks aren’t everything, take it from a model” and “your creative genius“, there is so much to be taken out of each video. Watch one and you’ll be hooked, too!

What are you positively smitten with?


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