Crystal’s Smitten List: Advice Columns, Humans of New York, Worn On TV

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Advice columns: I’ve always been a sucker for advice columns, reading Dear Abby whenever I could get my hands on a newspaper. I like reading the problem, forming my own advice, then comparing what I’ve said to what the advice giver has offered. My new favorite advice columns are Thatz Not Okay on Gawker, written by the hilarious and snarky Caity Weaver, and Captain Awkward, written by Jennifer P., whose advice is always eloquent and thoughtful.

Free advice

2. Humans of New York: It’s a simple concept — one man takes pictures of the various people he encounters in New York City then posts their photo to his blog, Humans of New York, with a snippet of a conversation they had.  Sometimes the posts are funny, sometimes they are moving, and sometimes they just plain make me smile. This blog is proof that everyone has a story.

3. Worn On TV: I love television and I love fashion, so that means whenever I see a character on screen whose wearing something I love, I need to immediately know where I can buy the same thing. Of course, I rarely ever do purchase the same item of clothing, but it’s nevertheless fun for me to pretend I might. Worn On TV breaks down who is wearing what from some of TV’s biggest shows and where you can find the item. My personal faves come from The Mindy Project (style icon: Mindy Lahiri); Elementary (style icon: Joan Watson); and House of Lies (style icon: Jeannie van der Hooven).


What are you feeling smitten with?

Photo credit Seth Anderson


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