10 Things to Remember When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

10 Things to Remember When Life Doesn't Go as Planned | Positively Smitten

Once upon a time I swore I’d one day live in a Victorian home. To look at me now, you’d be puzzled. I live out on a little country road in a modest house with a lot of rustic items (think wooden roosters and cowboy boots), and I love it. The polished look and ornate style of Victorian homes just don’t suit me anymore.

When, how, and why, along the way, did my life plan change?

We often have ideas about our lives: where we will live, what we will do for work, how we’ll spend our time, who we will marry, how many dogs and children we’ll have. Sometimes what we envision seems very clear, it truly defines a big part of who we think we are. Therefore we talk about these “dreams” as if they are Northern Stars guiding the way. More often than not, I’ve strayed off course, and yet I never went down a dark, regrettable road. I’m really kind of glad I didn’t end up in a Victorian home…or all those other things I thought would make my life.

Hopefully, you feel the same sense of relief and trust in yourself when you think about how you may have steered in a different direction. Didn’t end up marrying your college crush? Didn’t end up in the business career you dreamed of? Didn’t end up living in a beach hut on a tropical island? Rather than feel regret or that you weren’t true to yourself when a “dream” isn’t fulfilled, it’s time you embrace that your life is still worthwhile – and probably even better – when it doesn’t go as planned.

Remind yourself of these 10 things when life doesn’t go as planned:

1. You’re always where you need to be

2. Surprises are fun

3. Plans are overrated

4.  10, five, or even two years ago you didn’t know what would be best for you today

5. There are forks everywhere in the road and the only “right one” is probably the one where you follow your gut

6. You can’t prove that there is only one correct path laid for each of us in life

7. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side or in our wildest dreams

8. Change, flexibility, and adjustment build personal character

9. Just because you’re going with the flow does not mean you aren’t in the driver’s seat

10. You’re not the only player in your life, so of course it’s hard to stick to a life plan when you’re considering the lives of those you love and respect


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