Crystal’s Smitten List: Watches, theSkimm, Animal Crossing,

This week, I’m feeling positively smitten with…

1. Watches: My iPhone charger was ruined last week and I haven’t had time to purchase a replacement — although I’m able to charge my phone via my computer, it takes longer, so I’ve started trying to use my iPhone less. This includes checking it for the time less often (something I do approximately one zillion times each day); instead, I’ve started wearing a watch. I remember wearing watches when I was a little kid and feeling very “grown-up.” Of course, now that I am a “grown-up,” I almost never wear watches because I always have my phone on me. Still, watches are a fun way to accessorize an outfit, and now I’ve found myself yearning to build my collection. (For the record, my current watch collection includes one watch. That’s it.)

Crystal's Smitten List: Watches, theSkimm, Animal Crossing,

2. theSkimm: Thanks to Steph, I’ve recently started receiving theSkimm, a daily email that condenses many of the pertinent news stories into easily-digestible tidbits. While I wish I could sit down with the New York Times each morning or, at the very least, stay up to watch “The Daily Show” each night, I always find myself crunched for time — which leaves my world knowledge lacking. This daily email is a free, fun way to stay up-to-date on current events. I love it!


A sample email from theSkimm.

3. Animal Crossing: Perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit that I’m a full-grown adult and I like playing video games — but I’m not. Recently, my boyfriend purchased “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” for me, and I’m obsessed. I will admit, I always like my video games with a side of cute and “Animal Crossing” delivers. The game allows you to create a character who becomes the mayor of a town full of anthropomorphic animals. As mayor, you can work to create the perfect place to live (passing town ordinances, making sure citizens are happy), while still doing fun stuff like customizing your little house and wardrobe. If you’ve ever played the MySims franchise, you’ll love this game — it’s equal parts entertaining and adorable.


What are you positively smitten with this week?


5 responses to “Crystal’s Smitten List: Watches, theSkimm, Animal Crossing,

  1. I will have to check out the skimm. Thanks! I’m smitten with coffee even though I haven’t gotten to have any in 4 days (stomach bug), my blog, Supernatural reruns, and weird pina colada flavoured popsicles.


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