Ladies We Love: Women Who Inspire Us

Ladies We Love: Women Who Inspire Us | Positively Smitten

Because it’s Women’s History Month, we couldn’t help ourselves — we’ve been trying to bring you more of our “Ladies We Love” series! This week, some of the Positively Smitten staff members share a woman they admire. Check it out, and be sure to add your own in the comments!

Eleanor Roosevelt

eleanor_roosevelt_timcomI wrote every book report, did every presentation and read every book about Eleanor Roosevelt as a child.  I was constantly inspired and in awe by her intelligence, bravery and gumption. Her words stuck in my head everyday and I still hold them dearly in my heart, “no one can make you inferior without your consent” got me though many a tough time growing up as a young girl.  I always wanted to have her tenacity, to be able to live my life without fear of rejection or failure.  She makes me proud to be a woman and try every day to put a little bit of Eleanor in everything that I do. — Shannon

Miranda Lambert

miranda-billboardcomCountry singer Miranda Lambert is everything I admire in a woman: she’s a tough cookie with a soft side, she embraces her body and being female, she doesn’t worry about what others think of her, she writes songs that give women the courage to leave abusive relationships and about having tolerance and respect for all different walks of life. She’s adopted countless dogs and founded MuttNation Foundation, a non-profit organization to find stable homes for dogs in need. And she’s always pushing her limits. Like when she formed a girl band, Pistol Annies, with two fellow country crooners, and opened up her own store, Pink Pistol, as a hobby and a way to promote business in her hometown. Is there anything this girl doesn’t do? She’s passionate, interesting, and so real, the fact that she is a celebrity is an afterthought. I’d love to have Miranda in my circle of friends. Just by blazing her own trail and being so totally inspiring, Miranda is making history for women. — Steph

Maya Angelou

mayaangeloucomIn truth, I had trouble picking just one wonderful woman I admire when there are so many. But Dr. Maya Angelou – author, poet, and activist – is one who helped draw me to writing. I first got hooked on her in high school after I read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”; a few years later, in college, I had the honor of attending one of her live talks. My seat was all the way at the back of the theater and I could hardly see her down below on stage, but it didn’t matter; her mere presence was enough to move mountains. Angelou’s personal history is moving, yet her words are universal. She has provided a strong (and important) literary voice not just for women, but for black women specifically, breaking down barriers and speaking her truth. Angelou played a tremendous role in history and has touched generations. She’s an author, a singer, an activist, a dancer, a mother – there is nothing she can’t do! — Crystal

Grandma Rose

PS Grandma RoseIn honor of Women’s History Month I humbly offer my admiration to all women brave, bold and strong enough to navigate unchartered waters in an effort to impact the course of history. Although Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa, and Simone de Beauvoir all instantly come to mind, it is my Grandmother Rose who takes center stage. As a nurse and mother of four, I am certain that life wasn’t always easy; however, I’ve never heard her complain when reminiscing about life. In fact, she often laughs about it. She taught me the value in education, in eating food fresh from the garden, in listening to the birds, and, when we would relax together in the comfort of their backyard hammock, in learning new vocabulary words. She, at 90, (sorry, Grandma… but you look good, and you know it!) remains my inspiration, my mentor, my compass and my dictionary. Thank you Grandma, for being mine. — Amy

Who is a woman you admire?

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2 responses to “Ladies We Love: Women Who Inspire Us

  1. My Nana. She was a truly humble and inspiring sort of person. Angelena Jolie, to me, is an extremely admirable woman for her stance on woman’s health and for her work with refugees.


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