9 Spring Fashion Trends to Try This Season

9 Spring Fashion Trends to Try This Season | Positively Smitten

Some spring trends are hitting the shelves. Many of us are still shivering inside hissing at any shades being opened and bemoaning the weather-people’s call for more snow, but we can look forward to warmth coming soon. Here are the oncoming fashion trends broken down into easy-to-navigate categories.


Pastels are the main palette of the season. Ivories are in. Anything from placid blue, to soft orchid, to pale sand, to hemlock are in! Pastels will give you a main base to play with in your wardrobe. Pastels being the main palette are a good thing for your budget, most pastels match one another and can be incorporated into your long standing pieces in your wardrobe.


While pastels are the main feature it’s spring and that’s when we like to play up colors! So fool around with some dazzling shades like cerulean, cayenne, freesia, and celosia orange.



Embrace the layered look this spring with a cropped jacket. The cropped jacket can come in styles spanning from bad ass (leather cropped jacket with metal embellishments) to military-esque (green or khaki style with squared shoulders) to business savvy (essentially a mock-suit jacket).


Feel like you’re wearing a skirt but have the freedom of more movement by wearing wide-legged pants. These pants, sometimes marketed as palazzo pants, flow like a skirt and are gorgeous, not to mention ridiculously comfortable!


The skirt that’s between a midi and a maxi: a tea skirt. It hits about 3 inches below the knee and looks fabulous! Dress up your look with a pastel shaded tea-skirt and a loud printed top!


Crop tops, which we saw rushing into stores last year, are still hot. This trend looks great with high waisted pencil skirts. If you don’t feel comfortable exposing part of your midriff simply layer a loose crop top over one or two sheer tank tops!



Fringe! That’s right, fringe is making a comeback and those of us who have lived through an uprising of fringe before sigh out of nostalgia. Your handbag can have fringe, your skirt, your shirt, anything! Add fringe to everything! Really well done fringe on a skirt can make you resemble a flapper, so totally play that up if you can!


Embellishments are returning to amp up any given piece in your closet! As far as I’m concerned, depending on the piece embellishments count as accessorizing! And it sure is close to bedazzling!


Lastly, prints and patterns for spring include big, bold florals (I know, groundbreaking for spring, but it’s trending!), checkered patterns, stripes, and lace patterns/cut outs. You can include several patterns and prints in any outfit but it looks best if the colors work well together.


Any trends you’re looking forward to this spring?

Photo credits: Cropped Jacket/ShopBop; Wide-legged Pants/BustownModern; Tea Skirt/Madison Plus Select; Olivia Wilde/InStyle; Fringe/Francescas; Embellished Top/Lyst; Floral pattern/ASOS.


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