Steph’s Smitten List: Kelsey Nixon, Nail Polish, Pearls

This week I’m positively smitten with…

1. Kelsey Nixon: I’m not very natural in the kitchen, which is maybe why I’m mesmerized by watching cooking shows where the hosts move so effortlessly and exude such confidence. Last week I stumbled upon Cooking Channel host Kelsey Nixon in a magazine feature, and I spent the next two hours perusing her website and watching episodes of her show, Kitchen Essentials. Then I went over to Amazon and purchased her new cookbook “Kitchen Confidence” to add to my collection. From her bubbly personality and fire red nails to her adorable outfits and – oh yea – her kitchen skills, she might be my new best friend. I’m totally inspired and can’t put her cookbook down.

CookbookPhoto from

2. Nail polish: Aside from chocolate, my guilty pleasure is nail polish. I have somewhat of an obsession. Every time I’m at Walmart or the pharmacy, I need to look at the nail polishes, even though I own more than one person ever needs. I pick up all the eye-catching shades, every one of them, and dream about my life with lime green, turquoise, or lilac nails. The icing on the cake is flipping over the bottles to see the names. “Raisin The Bar”? OK! “Peach Of Cake”? I’d love one! “Please Sea Me”? Why certainly.

nail polish

3. Pearls: Occasionally I need to remind myself the words that my dad always told me: “The world is my oyster and I am its pearl.” This simple statement motivates me to shoot for the stars. Recently my dad gave me a pearl necklace from the Philippines – my first real set of pearls. I feel glamorous, classy, and feminine when I wear them, but imagining each pearl as beautiful, natural gems inside living oysters is really remarkable.


What are you positively smitten with?


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