Crystal’s Smitten List: Pen Pals, Literary Gift Company, Paper Dresses

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Pen pals: Although it’s been years since I had a pen pal I wrote handwritten letters to, I do have an email pen pal. Lyndsey and I write to each other almost every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s nice to have a support system, and also someone I can just shoot an email to that simply says, “Why aren’t I Beyonce?”

pen pal

2. The Literary Gift Company: I love writing, which automatically means I also love all things books. The Literary Gift Company gets me. Based in the UK,  this company is essentially a one-stop shop for bibliophiles. They sell pens, notebooks, journals, mugs, stationery, bags, books, books about books, and books turned into other things, like jewelry. If I had it my way, my paycheck every single week would go straight to this company because I need it all.


Featured items, clockwise: Woven Words BangleVirginia Woolf Mini-JournalPersonal Library Kit; and Go Away I’m Proofing Mug.

3. Paper dresses: This adorable mother-daughter duo makes dresses out of paper, modeling them after celebrity outfits (appropriate, given the Oscars were Sunday!); runway designs; and fictional characters. While most of the dresses are hand-crafted by mom Angie, daughter Mayhem, has taken to creating dresses as well. Check out some of their creations below and be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest updates. Who knew paper dresses could be so stunning?

Mayhem as Lupita

Mayhem channeling her inner Lupita Nyong’o. BTW, a huge congrats to Lupita on her Oscar win! 😉

Mayhem in a Taylor Swift-inspired frock.

Mayhem in a Taylor Swift-inspired frock.

A Mayhem original!

A Mayhem original!

What are you positively smitten with this week?


4 responses to “Crystal’s Smitten List: Pen Pals, Literary Gift Company, Paper Dresses

  1. I love that you’re smitten with pen pals! Whenever I correspond with friends or family other than through my phone, I usually do it with a pretty piece of stationary! I’m doing my small part to make sure that hand-written notes and letters never go away forever!

    I’m also extremely excited to learn about this Literary Gift Company!! I will now go spend my entire lunch break on their site….


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