Crystal’s Smitten List: Longer Days, Decorated Office Spaces, Selfies

This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Longer days: I live in New England, so it’s been snowy. And icy. And cold. And dark. Very, very dark. But lately, the days have gotten just a touch longer; the sun lingers for a few moments more. I am so excited about this, guys. Spring is almost here!


2. Decorated office spaces: I spend 9 hours a day at work, so I like having my work space feel a little bit like “home.” I can’t change the really awful fluorescent lights and I can’t give myself a couch to sit on instead of a chair (total bummer), but I can infuse a little personality into my cubicle. A few of my favorite things in my cubicle: “Treat Yo’self” banner; “What would Leslie Knope do?” framed artwork (which I also made!); Kelly Kapoor bobblehead; cards/notes/photos from my friends, family, and Bill; baby Thor figurine; and assorted pins.


3. Selfies: I have both of my feet firmly planted on Team Selfie. I love that we can control our own images and how we’re represented. We know all of our angles and best features better than anyone else, so selfies always come out amazing! Painters and artists have been making art of their own reflections for years, so if we want to take pictures of ourselves because we’re feeling good about ourselves that day, then why not?

I love selfies!

I love selfies!

What are you feeling smitten with this week? 


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