The Culinary Corner: Stocking Your Home Bar

The Culinary Corner: Stocking Your Home Bar | Positively Smitten

Your Home Bar: Get All Your Basic Tools for Under $30

Boston or Traditional Cocktail Shaker: The traditional cocktail shaker as a tight fitting lid with a cap that pops off to reveal a strainer. The Boston shaker consists of a 16 ounce glass and a separate metal tumbler, the tin fits over the cup to be shaken, or you can use it with a mixing spoon.

Hawthorne Strainer: this cool little gadget is generally used with a Boston shaker to separate the ice and anything like fruits or herbs from the drink. It looks like a flat spatula that’s been fitted with a coil along ¾ of the perimeter.

This set includes a Boston strainer and a Hawthorne strainer for only $9.99 at Target.  The glass even includes a cheat sheet for common cocktails.

A Jigger: this metal tool is a measuring device that has two cones on either side, one measuring 1 ½ ounces and the other ¾ ounce. This one from The WEBstaurant store is $1.99.

A Mixing Spoon: a bar mixing spoon has a long (generally over 11 inches), twisted handle and is used for drinks that aren’t shaken. You can get a Winco mixing spoon from Amazon for $2.99 here.

Muddler: used for literally muddling drinks, like smashing the sugar and mint together for a Julep and the like. Nab this one from World Market for $4.99.

Basic Bucket and Tongs: this is where your ice will be on top of your bar. It’s easiest go get a wide mouth vase from a crafts supply store and pick up a pair of tongs in the party section of said store and you’ll spend much less than you would if you searched for a set.  (Approximately $6.)

Corkscrew/Bottle Opener: for obvious reasons. Get this OXO Softworks Corkscrew for $7.99, and you can generally find them at your local grocer for a little less, along with a bottle opener!

Other Tools to Consider:

  • Juicer/Citrus Reamer
  • Cocktail Straws
  • Speed Pourer
  • Blender

The Culinary Corner is a weekend column that will include a simple recipe, a few tips, or admiration for a kitchen gadget.


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