Steph’s Smitten List: Scarves, Clean Linens, Tae Bo

This week, I’m positively smitten with:

1. Scarves: I love wearing scarves – all colors, all sizes, all styles, for all seasons of the year. But until I stumbled upon this video (found on, I thought I was limited to just three ways to wear my scarves. These super quick tutorials will not only be useful while I’m getting dressed in the morning, they’re also sort of mesmerizing to watch!

2. Clean linens: We had a big snow storm here in New England yesterday, but you wouldn’t have known it was winter last weekend! With temperatures in the mid-50s on Sunday, I was actually able to clean my sheets on the line. I love having clean sheets, especially when they’re set free in the wind and sunshine to dry! (My Positively Smitten bag also got a washing! Click here to purchase your own “I’m Smitten” bag.) Unfortunately, the Groundhog saw his shadow that day, and there’s six more weeks of winter. But this little glimpse of warm days ahead put a smile on my face.

PS Laundry

3. Tae Bo: For Christmas I bought my boyfriend a Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD, hoping to find a form of exercise that he would enjoy doing with me. I love working out and have quite the fitness regimen, so it means a lot to me when we can be active together. The eight different 10-minute workouts on this Tae Bo Express DVD are challenging but short enough to squeeze into busy routines, and also fun and empowering. I’ve got my family hooked on them too!

What are you smitten with?


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