16 Winter Cosmetic Picks for Nails, Eyes, and Lips

16 Winter Cosmetic Picks for Nails, Eyes, and Lips | Positively Smitten
We’re a few weeks into winter and the earlier moon shines brightly on the snow covered hills.

Or it’s a less glamorous time and your skin is itching with winter dryness, your sinuses share that sentiment, your lips are chapped, and in general you may just feel like you’re not rocking right now. Because the big holidays have passed, it feels like we’re just waiting until spring decides to begin bringing back warmth and daylight.

Screw that, though — let’s get glam. Winter has super cute fashion trends like boot socks and boots, layering and scarves, mittens and hats, and ahhhh! It’s about the most fun season fashion wise because of how much one can accessorize. It doesn’t stop there, either; playing with the colors of the season is half the fun and it doesn’t stop at your clothes.

Here are my winter cosmetic picks so you can be fab from your face to your toes.



Lots of Lux by Essie: A nice blue somewhere around cerulean and pacific blue with light shimmers, best results with two coats.

Pearly White by Essie topped with Sparkle On Top also by Essie: Exactly how they sound. Use two coats of Pearly White and one of Sparkle on Top.

Where’s My Chauffeur by Essie: A nearly pastel turquoise color, great with two coats. It also does well with a matte top coat.

Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors: This is a strong glitter polish. It does well as a top coat with Where’s My Chauffeur or paint two coats on by itself and be dazzled. This is literally my favorite nail polish!

Sweet Tooth by Sinful Colors: A softer lavender color. Paint on two coats and pair with any browns or brighter colors in your winter wardrobe. I like painting on a coat of Sparkle on Top with this polish as well.

Fiji by Essie: A soft pink with no sparkle, two to three coats for this one, looks great with a matte topcoat



Cookies and Cream by L’Oreal: A basic black to white eye shadow palette. Use this for a simple smoky eye or a basic white lid and black lined eye.

Ice Princess by Cover Girl: A purple eye shadow palette. Don’t be afraid to use wet to saturate the colors more. Use this to play up a basic neutral colored outfit or jacket.

Twilight Rays by Maybelline: A wide array of winter colors in this eye shadow palette, this will pretty much get you through on its own. Pair the subtle pink on your lid and line your eye with the navy.

Naked Basics by Urban Decay: The first of their Naked eye shadow palettes and, I think, the best. No matter the season, this should be on your vanity. Go for a natural look or be dramatic.

Blue Haute Couture by L’Oreal: For the most playful and daring, go with this eye shadow palette. I’m a hardcore fan of teal, anyway, but I feel like fans of Disney’s “Frozen” will be drawn to this palette — it looks like it’d match Anna.



Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Sweetheart by Revlon:What looks to be a very pink lip stain goes on soft and isn’t tacky or sticky. The pink can be done subtly with one pass or can be more dramatic by powdering your lips softly first and then applying a few coats (allowing to sit a few minutes between the coats).

Ocean Sunrise Lip Gloss by Burt’s Bees: A great alternative to most lipsticks, Burt’s Bees goes on super slick and looks natural on nearly anyone because this shade leans to neutral.

Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Jam Twist by Cover Girl: For the fierce and dramatic, this color goes well not only with darker outfits (black boots, dark peacoat) but also khakis and ivory toned outfits.

7214001250Caramel Cream Kiss by Nivea: Great for people who don’t care for lip color much, but need some extra care for their lips in the winter. As said, there’s no color in it but I love it for the softness, and also because I love the tins! (I use Nivea hand cream in the tins as well and it is amazing!)

Lastly, pick up some Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. This stuff is a godsend and I freak out when I can find any in a store! It has analgesics in it for raw and chapped lips and it helps them within a hot minute.

What are your top winter makeup picks?

Photos credit to Drugstore.com and CVS.com.


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