Crystal’s Smitten List: Birchbox, Glimmersticks, Family


This week, I’m Positively Smitten with…

1. Birchbox: When I first heard about Birchbox, I knew I had to have it. It’s a monthly $10 beauty and lifestyle subscription that gives you sample-sized products to try. I’ve gotten two boxes this far and I’m fairly certain Birchbox and I are a match made in heaven. I’ve loved their samples in hair products, nail polish, sweets (yes, they sent me some chocolate!), and tea. The best part is you can tailor the boxes to your interests, so if you never want to receive any type of sweets, you don’t have to. I’m in love. (And if you want a referral, let me know! I have a ton to get out, you won’t have to wait the standard two weeks to sign up, and it earns me some points. Win-win.)

2. Avon’s Glimmersticks Eye Liner: I will admit that sometimes I can be incredibly cheap, especially when it comes to makeup — that’s why I buy all of my items almost exclusively from e.l.f. But I’ve been using Avon’s Glimmersticks eye liner since I was in eighth grade, and I’ve yet to come across anything better. But recently, I refused to buy a new Glimmerstick for months because I didn’t want to pay the $7 price. I told myself I’d wait until they were having their $2.99 sale and stock up. Well, I missed out on the sale, and instead opted to use NYC’s super-cheap $1 eye liner. It wasn’t cutting it; I ordered new Glimmersticks almost immediately and I now wish I’d done this from the start. Glimmersticks, I’ll never doubt your price tag again.

3. Supportive family: Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my upstairs neighbor hating my Maltese. Thankfully, Bill and I have a tremendously supportive family who all seem willing to help us as we deal with our neighbor woes! They’ve offered to dog-sit Obi whenever we need them to. The support alone makes the situation significantly easier to deal with. I’m a pretty lucky lady!

What are you feeling positively smitten with?


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