6 Common Woes of Young Women

6 Common Woes of Young Women | Positively Smitten

Every woman needs a girlfriend or two, or three. It’s often the women in our lives whose support we crave and whose conversation feeds our soul. With our ‘gal pals’ we can spend an afternoon sharing stories about our families over pizza and 10 minutes on the phone on a Tuesday night talking about all the things we have to get done this week; we can email each other about the lines that are starting to show on our faces and ask if it’s normal; and sit side-by-side on a couch talking about life.

Female friendships are magical like this. We cover the exciting, the boring, the hard, the scary, the silly, the unpleasant, and the awesome parts of our lives. No matter how far away my friends are, or how frequently we talk, or how much we really do or don’t have in common, my friends and I share the same issues and woes. If you’re a young woman (twenty- or thirty-something) reading this, you might recognize a thing or two on the list below that you and your friends worry or wonder about. In no particular order, here are six common woes of young women.

  • Saying no to attending candle parties, Silpada jewelry parties, and things of the sort

PS Candle

  • Politely letting go of unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships from our past, or just dealing with them for that matter

PS Common Complaints of Young Women

  • Balancing work and life while nurturing friendships and our dreams

PS Commong Complaints of Young Women

  • More importantly, what to do with our lives…

PS Commong Complaints of Young Women

  • Coping with some of our friends being married, some being mothers, some being single, and some being lost and confused

PS Commong Complaints of Young Women

  • Worrying that every other person out there has their lives figured out

PS Commong Complaints of Young Women

And the list goes on and on. What would you and your girlfriends add to this list?

Looking for more on friendship? Read about the three lifelong friends every woman needs and kind things to say to friends who are on different life paths.

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