5 Casual Dates to Go on This Winter

Ice Skates

By Talia Witherspoon

With the chill of early winter upon us, many singles who have yet to settle on someone to play kissy face with for the season are still out and about on the dating scene. You know that awkward space where it’s really too cold to be outside plus things are still new, so staying in for “movie night” is not exactly the ideal choice for a first date? Yeah, so here are a few fun rendezvous that are perfect for cold weather courting:

Play Indoor Games

There’s something about reliving your childhood that ups the positive energy on a date and really brings out a person’s fun side. And when’s the last time you went bumper car driving or played pinball? If you’re more on the competitive side, try bowling, shooting pool, or air hockey. Doing fun activities together alleviates any potential new dating jitters that you may have and is an excellent way to keep things light.

Go to an Art Gallery

Art galleries are generally a bit more socially relaxed and inclined to have a cool event to attend versus your local museum. Do your research ahead of time and find a spot that is having an opening or closing party; those are usually the ones with the booze. Plus, many cities have begun to do monthly gallery hops. Even if you don’t care for the art, at least you and your date will have something to share a good laugh and turn your noses up at together. It’s called bonding.

Take a Cooking Class

Why go to dinner when you can get hot for each other in someone else’s kitchen — minus the dish duty. So what if you don’t even know how to cut a tomato, that’s why the professionals are there to guide you. No need to worry about perfection, it’s more about the experience of having fun and getting to know one another. And if you learn to make just one dish from start to finish in the process, well yay for you. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have one awesome gourmet recipe under your apron.

Grab a Jersey and hit up a Sporting Event

There is something exciting and infectious about wild, fan-driven energy. After a few brews, you’ll be spewing profanities with the best of them — if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. You’re guaranteed to score major points with your date if you can rattle off stats and facts. Personally, I find a quick review of SportsCenter highlights or a chat with my dad to be more than sufficient to prep me for a basic “I kinda know sporty stuff,” conversation. Plus, sporting events provide some of the best opportunities for people watching. No matter whether you and your date are shouting obscenities at the ref or playing I Spy and picking out the most outlandish fan get-ups, you’re guaranteed to be entertained.

Go for a Spin at the Ice Skating Rink

What would the wintertime be without a few turns around the ice skating rink and sips from a mug of hot cocoa? Plus everyone knows that movement and exercise creates more endorphins and serotonin, and who couldn’t use an extra dose of that during these short days and long, cold nights? Who knows, maybe you’ll even hold hands with your new guy friend publicly for the first time without any PDA angst. Ahh, so many possibilities.

Going to dinner is perfectly fine if you’re into basic dating. But who wants to brave the cold for a dull romance? If you must leave the house, you might as well make it worth your time and do something that you and your potential someone special will remember.

About Talia:

Talia is a freelance digital journalist, writing artista and curator of Sassy Nation. A lifestyle specialist, her brand represents natural beauty, style, travel and healthy, simplistic living with a highbrow aesthetic. She has an affinity for lists and is also a known Earth lover, vegetable eater, tea sipper, cupcake baker and fun maker. She invites you to get to know her.


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