If You Do Only One Thing Each Day, Cherish it With the Ones You Love

If You Do Only One Thing Each Day, Cherish it With the Ones You Love | Positively SmittenMy sister’s father-in-law shared an email that he recently received because he felt it necessary to spread the message. Though the email told a sad story, it was also uplifting and positive with a very clear message: cherish each day you have with the ones you love. Pieces of this wonderfully-expressed email are shared here…

I spent a good long time yesterday after work on the phone with a dear friend of mine. (We) got to know this friend and her then-fiancé about two years ago. These two just loved each other in such a way that many wish for in a lifetime. They spent every day doing just everyday things together…

As these two became husband and wife it was beautiful to see them on their wedding day. It was even more beautiful to watch their love grow in the days that followed. Every time, and I mean every time, you asked them how they were, they always said, ”wonderful!” They meant it! Even in times that I knew they were struggling through, the answer was always the same BECAUSE they were grateful for their lives together…

My friends were married for 441 days. Tragically, one morning as they walked the track together as they did every morning, my friend’s husband just had a massive heart attack and died right there. Died in the very place that they began each day… The very place they had their first kiss. The very place he bent on his knee to ask her to marry him…

I share a piece of their story with you only to say, cherish what you have with the one you love… hug your honey a little tighter. Cherish the silliness, the laughter. Savor hand holding. Be thankful for each moment, even the very hard ones, because one day…well one day, these will all be just memories…

So grab that one you love, that one you may not like at times, the one that shares your life and tell them how much they mean to you. Enjoy each moment, OK?

Love had been on my mind when I read this email. I had just returned from my cousin’s wedding where love was everywhere: from the “I do’s” and kisses to the close dancing and warm embraces.

At weddings, you can expect that there will be love. It comes natural and easy. But not every day is a wedding, and sometimes love gets lost in the chaos of life. If we thought about it, I think we’d show an abundance of love to one another every day because it feels good to give it and receive it.

During my cousin’s rehearsal, guests had the opportunity to pass on their advice on how, exactly, to show love every day, including:

  1. Don’t go to bed angry. Always apologize and kiss goodnight.
  2. Greet your partner every day when he or she comes home from work. Run to them, and hug them.
  3. Don’t give 50 percent. Give 100 percent love, commitment, and effort from each person.
  4. Work together and support each other. Save your best self for your partner.

I plan to remember this advice, the love that filled the room on my cousin’s wedding day, and this woman’s story. It will be a reminder to cherish each day we have with the ones we love.


2 responses to “If You Do Only One Thing Each Day, Cherish it With the Ones You Love

  1. To elaborate on #2 of the advice given at the wedding rehearsal . . . No matter what kind of day you both have had and no matter what kind of moods you are in, a warm greeting and a hug will set the tone for the rest of the evening. It puts your life and priorities in perspective. I also love #4 Save your best self for your partner. Wow, so true. Why is it some of us can put on our best face for co-workers, neighbors, friends, even strangers, but when it comes to our partner, our favorite person in the world, our “best face” can sometimes morph into an ugly nasty monster??? This is not only unfair, it’s wrong! Thanks for the great article Steph!


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