What It Means To Be Positively Smitten… To Our Contest Winners!


As you know by now, Positively Smitten recently launched a contest to celebrate six wonderful months of having all of you around. We asked participants to tell us what being positively smitten meant to them, and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the results. It was a tough decision, and we wish we could give everyone a Positively Smitten tote bag. But without further adieu, here are the three winning entries (in no particular order)! We hope you love their answers as much as we did.


To be positively smitten is to be the best me I can be, and love myself everyday.


Being positively smitten to me is unconditional love (of my own grandchildren) which I learned from my two amazing grandmothers. My memories of being with my grandmother on the farm milking the cows, collecting eggs from the chickens and “working” in the onion fields are priceless.


To find joy in something, to find solitude in something, to find gratitude in something, to be inspired by something. To be real. To be honest. To be You. To be Positively Smitten.

Congratulations Katherine, Barbara, and Dee! Thank you so much for participating. Your Positively Smitten tote bags should arrive in the mail in the coming days!

We’re also incredibly thankful to all the entrants, as well as all of YOU for being part of Positively Smitten every single day. You are the reason we keep going — thank you!


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