Advice from Amy: How to Keep the Joy in Planning Your Wedding

How to Enjoy Planning Your Wedding | Positively Smitten

Over the last six months I have found myself walking down a new path, a new aisle, as I help a dear friend plan for her daughter’s wedding. She asked me to assist after being a guest at our own wedding, where I took to every detail with precision and accuracy, loving every single second. Making lists, planning, and executing with grace, she witnessed my ability to be calm and present on my own wedding day. Yes, a true and rare gift for a bride. So, when the time came for her daughter to get married, she wanted that same ease not only for her daughter, but also for herself.

Insert Amy.

From details to décor, timelines to tablescapes, I do believe I have found my newest occupation. With the upcoming launch of my wedding planning and coordinating business, Two Sweeties Events, and throughout the joyful experience of working with the beautiful bride-to-be (her wedding is today, August 2!) here are a few things I have gleaned about going to the chapel. Most are applicable in everyday life too.

Remember what the day is about: This is true for almost any occasion where preparation and planning is involved. A wedding, when it comes down to it, is about the couple making a commitment to one another in marriage. When worried about the pimple that just appeared, or when stressing about where to place guests at a table, remember the purpose of the day. To marry your beloved. The same applies when throwing a birthday party or celebratory work affair. The event is about honoring those who deserve to be honored, not about catering to every single person.

Prepare, to enjoy: The more you do ahead of time, the less stressed you will be in the days and moments before you walk down the aisle (or give that toast, or present that project you have been working on for months). Take care of anything and everything that you can in advance. Prepare, and then prepare some more. Walk through the day. Imagine yourself in it. Then, when the time comes, let all the preparations come to life while you take a deep breath and enjoy.

Hire a helping hand: Not everyone can afford to hire a wedding coordinator, understandably so, but at minimum should plan on finding a go-to gal. Helping keep lists in order and things running smoothly on the day-of is a must. Being a friend to a friend in need is always a good idea. We are all here to help one another through, after all.

Smile and say thank you: The darling bride-to-be says this to me every single day. I have witnessed her also saying it to her vendors, to her mother, to her husband-to-be… And you know what? It is felt. Everyone who is floating in and out of her sphere is touched by her warmth and gratitude… which only makes us want to help more, and to get everything right just for her. The same is true in life. A little bit of thanks goes a long way. In being grateful for what you have, you are able to witness and take in the multitude of gifts that are present on your special day.


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