Advice from Amy: When Two Roads Diverge, Trust Your Gut

When Two Roads Diverge, Take the Path Less Traveled | Positively Smitten

Seldom in life do two opportunities present, where both are quantified as true equals. Perhaps you are deciding where to go to college, which job to take, or if you want to have a baby. Maybe it’s simpler than that, perhaps even more complex; however, when given two options, it is often difficult to make a decision.

We analyze, we make lists, we tally up the positive and negative attributes of each. We lose sleep, we become agitated, we eat too much chocolate. We talk to our friends, and listen to their opinion, we talk to our family and wonder why we asked in the first place. Not because they don’t have the right answer. They may. But truth be told, the only answer is deep within our hearts.

I have developed a new adage for our family, as we try to make one decision after another, and I call it the 51% rule. Here’s my theory. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, leave all the lists behind, toss aside the opinions of others, you are left with your own psyche. And your own true self knows that one option is just slightly better for you than the other. It does not have to be a landslide to win my footsteps on that path, it simply has to be 51% right, compared to the 49% right I feel with the other option.

Chances are, if both options are equally fantastic, a true 50/50 scenario, then either one will be the right choice. Both will present challenges that are weighted similarly, and both will lead to equally good things.

But the truth, dear reader, is that in real life, this seldom happens. Because the truth is that you have at least 51% conviction looking at one path and 49% looking at the other. Standing at the crossroads, paralyzed by fear of choosing the wrong path, only leads to stagnation.

So pick one. It will be right. It will lead to other paths, more choices, and a beautiful view along the way.


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