Feel-Good Friday: Cleft Palete Puppy, No Pintimidation, and 5-Year-Old Bibliophile


Here are a few stories, just to make you smile!

Feel-Good Friday: Cleft Palete Puppy, No Pintimidation, and 5-Year-Old Bibliophile

Lentil the Cleft Palete Puppy

Lentil is quite possibly one of the cutest dogs ever, and his story makes him all the  more endearing. The 5 month old, 10-pound French Bulldog was born in February with facial defects — a cleft palate and cleft lip. Due to his palate issues, Lentil was unable to eat or drink on his own, and had to be fed through a tube every couple of hours.

Thankfully, a volunteer named Lindsay, from French Bull Dog Rescue Network of Philadelphia, stepped in and took care of him. While she cared for him, she also blogged about her experiences and made Lentil his own Facebook page, writing about Lentil’s journey, including his surgery to get his cleft palate fixed. People immediately began to fall in love. Now, Lentil — who still has a cleft lip, which is strictly a cosmetic issue and not at all dangerous — has more than 90,000 followers on Facebook.

But get this: Lentil is now part of a program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that allows kids with certain conditions to meet animals with the same conditions, in hopes of making those children feel normal. He’s now visited with (and inspired) hundreds of children. Danny Pfeiffer, a 14-year-old boy with Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, told CNN, “He doesn’t look like, you know, a regular dog. That kind of makes him special, so it probably makes kids who have something that I have, makes them feel special.” [source]

Feel-Good Friday: Cleft Palete Puppy, No Pintimidation, and 5-Year-Old Bibliophile

No Pintimidation

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by all of the things to do, try, and make on Pinterest, you’re not alone. Obviously Crystal, with her Pintimidation column, is one of them, but so are plenty of others. That’s why Planet Fitness launched a website called No Pintimidation, which allows users to upload a pin from Pinterest and “de-intimidate” it. That pristine kitchen one blogger says is “sooo easy” to achieve? Cover it up with chevron and some birds! That “MUST TRY” playdough recipe for your kids? Cover it with sheep! It’s a fun, light-hearted way to de-stress, especially when it comes to Pinterest overload. They even have some of their favorite creations loaded up on their Pinterest account. [emailed in from a reader]

Feel-Good Friday: Cleft Palete Puppy, No Pintimidation, and 5-Year-Old Bibliophile

5-year-old Bibliophile

Remember those summertime reading challenges your school or local library used to host? Sophia Moss from Lake Charles, Louisiana, has taken that challenge and surpassed it — a few hundred times over. Sophia has read approximately 875 books in just one school year. Seriously! The kindergartner used to check out five books every week from the school library. Now, she’s up to around 20 each week. Sophia has already finished reading most of the books in the kindergarten and first grade section of T.S. Cooley Elementary School’s library. The librarian for Sophia’s school, Mary Lanier, said, “I told Sophia, I said, ‘we’re going to have to order more books for T.S. Cooley Library’ — because she’s read so many of them and enjoys so many of them.” Sophia’s dad, Carl, said he has a hard time getting her to sleep because she’d rather be reading. As for Sophia, she said, “A lot of the days I read books. It’s just a couple days I don’t read. …I just like reading!” Amen. [source]


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