Advice from Amy: Follow the Sun

How to be spontaneous and live life to the fullest | Postiively Smitten

The light in the sky has failed to diminish, even though it has been over twenty-four hours since I arrived in Alaska. They call the phenomena the Midnight Sun, and it happens because of the earth’s tilt in relation to its orbit around the sun. A mighty fine and sweet gift, if you ask me, after the earth proffers up months of darkness during the winter months.

My wife and I purchased eye masks, the soft kind with a touch of lavender scent, to help us sleep during the daylight nighttime. It helped us get a bit of shut-eye, but the whole experience left me, dare I say, enlightened this morning. We slept less, sure, but we also had a little more fun. Staying up without the moon’s clues to send us to sleep helped us to live the moment, and enjoy the spontaneity associated with vacation. I am a planner right down to my core, so under normal circumstances I live and sleep by a pretty tight routine. It goes against each and every fiber of my being to say that one can have more fun as a free-spirited, spur-of-the-moment, go-with-the-flow type attitude; yet, here I am saying exactly that.

And, here the sun is, echoing that sentiment. Or stimulating it. A chicken, egg conundrum up in the wide Alaskan sky.

Of course this beautiful and perfect scenario made me think of you, dear reader, sitting in your particular space in the States, or beyond, curious about your own reaction to spontaneity. What would you do with twenty-four hours of daylight? If the sun beckoned you to stay awake, would you embrace the moment and live outside the box? Would you work more? Play more? Laugh more? Hug more? Spend more time with your friends and family?

If the sky shone on you ceaselessly, would you heed its instruction?

I am. I am welcoming with open arms the wild side of Alaskan civilization, and tossing aside my need to stay within the confines of my perfectly structured schedule. I am saying yes to family vacation, yes to nature, and yes to sunshine.

But most importantly I am saying yes to you. Give yourself permission to take a break, to go on vacation, to listen not to the incessant beeping of your iPhone notification system, but instead to the unremitting calls of the countryside. Even if you just put your feet up under a backyard tree and sip on the scenery instead of on technology for a few hours, you will feel a difference. Toss aside this Saturday’s schedule of grocery shopping and softball games, pack the family or your friends in the car, and take a spontaneous drive with the sole intent of witnessing the bucolic view of life outside the city.

The plan will be there tomorrow. Today, follow the Sun.


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